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Sentimental Saturdays (Motivations)

It’s been a few months since my last Sentimental Saturdays post. In fact, the last time I posted was on January 9th, as I delved into 10 things that any family would consider to undertake on the weekends if given a chance. And then before that was in November, where I discussed about two songs that have impacted me of late, Newsboys’s “Guilty” and Rachel Platten’s “Stand By You”, and how both these songs have ministered to me in both a personal and interpersonal way as each of these artists have given the reminder to boldly stand firm in beliefs, even if others don’t stand alongside. So…2 Sentimental Saturdays blogs in 5 months. One may think there’s something wrong with my writing style, others may think I may be losing passion for these types of blog posts. Yet there is the other train of thought, realising that often, life just gets in, and sometimes, even if we want to write something of value, time just seems to not be on our side, and every time we sit and want to write a blog, or review an album, we realise that it’s time for bed, and then the cycle of work/eat/sleep repeats the following day. While I may not have planned for the gap between Sentimental Saturdays posts to be that humungous, it nevertheless was so.

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