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Rush (Don’t Ask Me Why, Learning To Fly, We Are Family)


USA Network

Episode Air Date: July 24th, 31st, August 7th 2014

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Rush (Don’t Ask Me Why, Learning To Fly, We Are Family)

Starring: Tom Ellis, Larenz Tate, Sarah Habel, Rick Gonzalez, Erica Cerra, Harry Hamlin, Rachel Nichols

USA Network has taken a risk with it’s new show Rush, presenting us with Hawk Lawson from Royal Pains, but essentially making the titular character of Dr William Rush (Tom Ellis) a bit more rough around the edges, more ethically immoral (maybe ethically apathetic in certain situations), and certainly only invested when there are big bucks and large sums of money involved. Though the show hasn’t received the high ratings that we’ve come to expect from USA Network (and we have seen the high viewers in shows like Royal Pains, Suits and shows that have ended like Psych, Burn Notice and White Collar), and this ratings dip is probably due to Rushand Satisfaction having virtually no lead in- no established show to lead into the two new dramas; these past few episodes since I reviewed the pilot, have garnered my interest slightly. Although the show is flawed, as there are many plot points that are cliché and at which I roll my eyes, there are also developments that are interesting, of which I will lay out below.

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