VERIDIA – Numb (Single)


Release Date: July 27th 2018

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

VERIDIA– Numb (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Numb

Releasing their breakthrough and critically acclaimed EP Inseparable in 2014 via Word Records, and building upon the craze that is female fronted bands in the CCM industry (bands like Shine Bright Baby, The Letter Black, Icon For Hire, Fireflight, Barlowgirl, ZOEgirl, Addison Road, Point of Grace, 1 Girl Nation and Cimorelli have each shown us over the years that girls can rock out just as much as guys!); VERIDIA, comprised of Deena Jakoub (vocals), Brandon Brown (guitar), Kyle Levy (drums) and Trevor Hinesley (guitar), unleashed their follow-up EP Pretty Lies, on the back of their successful appearance at Winter Jam in 2015. Fast forward 3 years later, and the VERIDIA you see is very different to the band signed to a label. For one fact, there is no more label anymore, as VERIDIA has unveiled that their first full length album The Beast You Feed will release independently in the next few months- which was funded through Pledgemusic. With “Still Breathing” (2016) and now “Numb” being pre-cursors to what the new album may sound like, we’re not really sure whether having no label would change the band’s sound or not. Yet one listen to “Numb” has me excited for what VERIDIA will offer to us in the coming months.

Vocally sounding similar to Dawn Michelle of Fireflight and Sarah Anthony of The Letter Black; VERIDIA, whose name is rooted in the belief of being true to oneself and never compromising on beliefs; offers us a confronting melody in the newly released “Numb” that has to be listened more than once- maybe twice or three times even, to fully grasp the concepts of the message they are conveying. And while it took me a while for me to understand what VERIDIA is trying to convey, this in-your-face anthem is necessary for us to hear, in a culture where we are all on our phones and on social media, feeling numb to the effects of technology and the effects of our habits and additions on society in general and on our relationships. With the band subtly calling each one of us out, converying that the reason why everyone if so disconnected from each other is because we all are numbing our feelings through ‘feeling’ something fleeting and transient; we are left with a melody that is hard to hear but needed. “Numb” tugs at the human soul, and encourages us to act like the very opposite of what the song is saying. As Deena sings out ‘…falling on my face will never faze me, I don’t need no one to come and save me, all I need is the rhythm to chase me, gimme more of it…’, feelings of sadness and anger flood to the surface. Living like we are super-reliant on technology isn’t the way to live, and the fact that that’s how it is, should make us want to actively change the status quo, starting with what is inside each of our hearts. If we don’t want to be numb to everything happening around us and even to our own subconscious feelings; then we need to be better, to be different and to step out in faith and be the change the world wants to see but doesn’t know it yet. If we are to be agents of change, it has to start with us. Do you really want to feel numb your whole life?

In my opinion, VERIDIA is one of the best female fronted bands I’ve heard, and I’ve heard plenty. Drawing plenty of comparisons to The Letter Black, Barlowgirl and Fireflight, musically, vocally and lyrically; Deena and her friends have called us to action, to be a light in a dark and fallen world, and to realise that our support for someone can make the difference between life and death, and can make the different between feeling numb and feeling alive, even if we do feel our pain and feel it deeply. With “Numb” probing and asking question after question; encouraging us to be better as we live for God; I am eagerly anticipating VERIDIA’s full length project later on this year, and I’m sure you all will feel the same too when you listen to the song. So check out “Numb”- if you loved Inseparable and Pretty Lies, they you will definitely love this new song!

Score: 4/5

RIYL:  Fireflight, TobyMac, Red, Skillet, The Letter Black

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