Tenille Arts – jealous of myself (Single)

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Release Date: October 14th 2022

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Tenille Artsjealous of myself (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Jealous of Myself

Tenille Arts has been in and around the music industry for quite some time. Having become an artist that I’ve become excited to listen to and enjoy (ever since my review of ther sophomore album Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between, as well as her 3rd album Girl to Girl), Tenille’s music, in my opinion, is quite similar thematically and musically, to her country music contemporaries- from artists like Lauren Alaina, Cassadee Pope, Kelsea Ballerini, Maddie & Tae and Maren Morris, to Tenille Townes, Lindsay Ell, Mickey Guyton, Carly Pearce, Runaway June & Hailey Whitters, to name a few. While her 2nd album (in my opinion, her ‘breakout album’) was a concept album about love, heartbreak, and everything else (and was able to be related to, by people- myself included), her 3rd album Girl to Girl saw her change focus,  from singing songs about love, life, and heartbreak, to the themes and messages present on Girl to Girl, ranging from body acceptance and connecting to different places wherever you go in life, to the unpredictability of life itself, and the longing for the simplicities of yesteryear to come invade the complexities of now. Basically, Girl to Girl is an ‘advice’ album, and I find myself relating to a few songs myself, even though the title of the album is called Girl to Girl…maybe meaning that Tenille herself was writing from a perspective of advice ‘from girls to girls’? Girl to Girl reminds us, that influence, impact, advice, and encouragement can come from all facets of music, genres, and people, and while I won’t necessarily be the initial target audience by Tenille and her music, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy her music. Because I do. And maybe, just maybe, an album like Girl to Girl has the power to impact on a basic universal level, then even I realise? Fastforward to 2022, and upon the heels of her 3 succcessful albums, and a few singles (‘Tears’ and ‘TERRITORY’), Tenillle is back at it again, unveiling her first music offering in about a year- a hauntingly emotive and a piano-driven powerful track, ‘jealous of myself’.

Clocking in at a song length of 3:26, ‘jealous of myself’ is a powerful song of admitting to yourself, that you’re jealous…not necessarily of the other person that your ex has moved on with, but you’re jealous of…yourself. When you were with your ex, and you were…happy? Content? This is a unique song, because it seems like the track is a much more mature way of dealing with loss and regret, of losing someone because of a breakup, only to not blame the other person that your ex is with now; but lamenting on the fact that the ‘you’ that was with your ex, all those years ago, and it good…and that is who you’re jealous of. Pretty trippy and heavy, right? Because I don’t think any song (any breakup song, at least) has been written from the point of view of someone being jealous of themselves all those years ago (for whatever reason). ‘jealous of myself’ really challenges us all to look back, in our own lives, to see if there are moments, circumstances or even relationships, that we are jealous of…and why that is so. ‘jealous of myself’ is literally comparing yourself to yourself, and it can be a really good thing to do (or a really detrimental thing to do, whichever way you look at it), but regardless, Tenille offers up vulnerability and poignant moments of introspection and honesty, as she admits that she is nevertheless still prone to jealousy, something we all can admit to struggling with, from time to time. It’s just a matter of who we’re jealous about and why. With Tenille fast becoming one of the most underrated musicians within not just country music, but music, full stop; this is a must-listen song, if you enjoy country music, Tenille’s albums Rebel Child, Girl to Girl and Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between, or both. Well done Tenille for such a powerful and emotive song. Maybe album #4 is in the works in the near future? I hope so. Looking forward to however this song is used to challenge people in their own relationships, and the weeks and months progress.

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Tenille Townes, Carly Pearce, Lindsay Ell, Runaway June, Hailey Whitters

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