Southbound – This Is Us / Composure (Single)

Red Dog Recordings

Release Date: April 16th 2021 (This Is Us) / September 10th 2021 (Composure)

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Southbound– This Is Us / Composure (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. This Is Us
  2. Composure

When you’re on a massive label, I guess even before you release a song; then maybe I reckon you’re set for life. People will know your name, and you’ll become famous; because you have this following which has grown since quite literally the inception of you as an artist or as a band. For independent artists though, who aren’t attached to a label, or are signed to smaller labels… the task of becoming a global star or living icon/legend, is all-the-more difficult. Not impossible, but it might take longer than what you probably would expect or envision. And so… as some artists become overnight superstars, others toil and toil and toil, and often do not receive the accolades or recognition that they deserve. It is this disparity of successful artists v artists who are underrated, that I’ve come to fully realise over the past few years; and with it the knowledge that perhaps supporting the underdog gives us much more happiness and satisfaction and contentment.

Ever since I listened to Aussie country trio The McClymonts and their music, and more specifically their 2020 album Mayhem To Madness, I’ve always had a inkling to delve deeper into Aussie artists. And not just the high-profile artists like Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy or Keith Urban. Listening to artists who are a tad underrated, gives me a sense of pride towards them and happiness… and that happiness is somewhat enhanced when it’s an artist from your home country. And so as I have continued on this journey for searching for ‘diamonds-in-the-rough’ artists from the land down-under; country trio Southbound (formerly a quartet) impacted me from the get-go. Their music, similar in style to The McClymonts, speaks about a camaraderie, joy and celebratory nature hardly found in Australian music or music in general; and as I am blown away by band members Missy Lancaster, Sarah Bernardo, and Andrea Krakovska… that excitement is amplified tenfold when I discover that they’re an independent artist. That’s quite the feat these girls are showing us, don’t you reckon? With Southbound releasing their debut album in 2022, these girls have scored four top 10 singles and over 5 million streams of their music. With their hit songs “Drink”, “Get Drunk On Me” and “Find Our Way” (with Shannon Noll) being musically impressive and catchy, as well as lyrically moving and thought-provoking… the girls then followed it up with “This Is Us” and “Composure” this year. And this brings me to this point today… where I must speak about at least the past two songs.

About “This Is Us”: ‘This Is Us’ reminds me of when I would tell my parents I was going to a sleepover, but we were really just getting drunk in a field somewhere with our mates. Sorry Mom.

‘This Is Us’ reminds me of those times when you are out with your friends, feeling confident, fearless and truly in the moment!

About “Composure”: Originally we wanted to write a catchy ‘yea the girls’ kinda song, which made sense being in an all-female band. We rely on each other constantly for support in all aspects of our life. We laugh together, cry together and support each other daily and we wanted to extend that love to our fans. But so much has changed since we wrote this song in January. From extended lockdowns in many parts of Australia, to us having more shows cancelled and changes in our band. But somehow, we are managing to keep our ‘Composure’ and we are excited about the future.

Naturally, people are angry and frustrated with lockdowns and all the disruption in their lives right now, The news and social media can also create division and amplify that frustration even more. The best thing we can so right now is support each other and keep our composure. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and although you may not always be able to see it during the thick of it, you will be glad one day that you stayed strong.

These songs are lyrically and thematically self-explanatory, and as we are immersed in a fun, poppy atmosphere about female empowerment and having a good time (“This Is Us”) and an uplifting track about being composed and calm under pressure during this pandemic (“Composure”); I reckon these two tracks will make any of us a fan. Southbound doesn’t have many songs available to the public (just 5!), but each track has made me more and more excited for what comes next. There hasn’t been a new-ish band I’ve been this excited for since We The Kingdom last year, and thus Missy, Sarah and Andrea should be extremely proud of themselves. I’m not sure what the new album will look like or when in 2022 it will release. But until that time, I will listen to these 5 songs and bask in the awesomeness of these three young singer/songwriters. Sky is the limit for Southbound, and I will encourage you all to jump on the bandwagon quickly. Well done Missy, Sarah and Andrea; I can’t wait to see and hear what’s in store for you all next!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Delta Goodrem, Jessica Mauboy, Carrie Underwood, Maddie & Tae, Keith Urban, Shannon Noll, Cassadee Pope, The McClymonts

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