Mini-Review: Avalon – Joy: A Christmas Collection


Joy: A Christmas Collection

Label: Sparrow Records

Release Date: September 26th 2000 (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Joy (to the World)
  2. The Angels Medley (The First Noel / Angels We Have Heard On High / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)
  3. Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day
  4. Jesus, Born On This Day
  5. Winter Wonderland
  6. Light A Candle
  7. Good News
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. Manger Medley (O Come O Come Emmanuel / Away In A Manger / O Little Town Of Bethlehem)
  10. We Are The Reason

Initial thoughts: 4 part vocal harmonies similar to Pentatonix? Pentatonix but with instruments? Yes, please!

Reason to listen: Janna, Michael, Cherie and Jody all sing in perfect harmony here, and bring us the perfect mix of original songs, carols, carol medleys and covers. All against a very Christmas-y music backdrop! What more could you want to hear?

Reason to buy: Cause it’s 20 years old but still of high quality, and I’m sure will bring a smile to your face when you hear just how well done the production is, and how awesome the group is vocally!

Reason to skip: Umm… because you don’t like covers, or you don’t like medleys, or you’re the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge… so basically in no circumstance shall you skip this one! Unless the 6 minute “Good News” unintentionally puts you to sleep, but even then there’s 9 more songs to be blessed and inspired by!

No. of carols: 5 (with 2 being medleys)

No. of originals: 5 (with 3 being covers)

No of guest artists: None. But with 4 singers, do you need any guest vocalists?

Does it have heart?: Will give you tears in your eyes when you hear “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day” and “We Are The Reason”. If you don’t cry a bit because it’s so good… then you’re probably not human!

Does it have a Christmas-y atmosphere?: Yes, as well as a 90’s Christmas-y sound. But in the best way possible!

Uniqueness?: Like any other 90’s vocal group, unfortunately. But the album has so much heart that uniqueness doesn’t matter!

Christmas message: Bountiful messages of Jesus’ birth! But not preachy at all. Listening to this album does point you to Jesus, but I’m sure non-Christians will find themselves drawn to Jesus after this album, and not even feel threatened. That’s how nicely wrapped this message is- in a bow!

Closing thoughts: If you love vocal groups (and why wouldn’t you?) then Joy should be your first choice to listen to/buy! Nothing more needs to be said!

3 songs to listen to: Joy, Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day, We Are The Reason

Overall rating: 4/5

Yes/no; why/why not?: A resounding yes! Listening to this album when you’re not a fan of vocal groups and multiple-part harmonies, will turn you into a fan!

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