Kolby Koloff – Save Yourself

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Release Date: December 15th 2017

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Kolby KoloffSave Yourself (Single) (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Save Yourself

Signed to the then active Maxx Recordings that housed other new artists (at the time) 3for3 and Riley Clemmons (who is currently now on Capitol CMG and is blowing up with popularity with her song ‘Broken Prayers’), Kolby Koloff, the youngest daughter of now retired professional wrestler Nikita Koloff and his second wife Victoria, released her first EP titled Grow in 2015, that spawned the title track as a radio single. While Kolby has been in the spotlight since a young age (her family were the subject of a reality TV programme in the U.S. titled Preacher’s Daughters), she is thereby no stranger to being in front of the media. Her EP succeeded to an extent a few years ago, and while at the moment MAXX Recordings is no more, Kolby continues to pursue music and in particular Christian music as her craft, and since her relatively successful EP (her song ‘Grow’ peaked at #34 on the Billboard Christian Songs Charts of that particular year, for quite some time too!), she released another 2 further popular songs- ‘No Room’ that debuted in 2016, and ‘Save Yourself’, that released a few months ago, and will be subject of this ‘review’ of sorts. Even presenting the 5th Annual We Love Christian Music Awards that was broadcast, with the backing of NewReleaseToday.com, in early 2017 (and is now an annual award event, as is the K-Love Fan Awards and the Dove Awards every year too!); Kolby’s presence in media in general has been very prominent. Fast forward til now, and MAXX Recordings is no more, yet, Kolby still pursues music with a fervent passion and heart than ever before. ‘Save Yourself’ is the result of her ‘absence’ and ‘silence’ between a song like ‘No Room’ and this one right now!

Released in mid-December 2017, to not much promotion to even much airplay on the radio (compared to much of whatever is on the radio at the moment), ‘Save Yourself’ is a song full of truth and heart as, we hear the worlds of radio friendly pop and electronic music collide to deliver a moment of realisation that we don’t have to save ourselves, that all we have to do is just come as we are to our God and He does all the heavy lifting for us- dying and rising from the dead to take on our punishment so that we didn’t have to. As said by Kolby herself in a recent interview about herself and the song, we are reminded of what Kolby wants listeners to gain from listening to this pop-radio friendly song- ‘…[the song itself] is one of the most vulnerable pieces of music I’ve released so far. For years I struggled with depression. In the midst of that depression, I was bullied, had friends turn their back on me, and experienced a lot of other life changes. I felt hopeless. However, nobody around me knew I was going through all of this, because I hid it. I thought it was better to just appear like I had everything together. Eventually all of that caught up with me and I had to realize that I couldn’t save myself. I needed to let other people, especially God, come in and help my heart get better. The waves of life were drowning me and if I didn’t receive help then I wasn’t going to make it…’

And reading the above quote, we can see how personal such a song as ‘Save Yourself’ is for Kolby, and how raw, honest, emotive and encouraging it can be for anyone who hears it. It is a song that us a must-listen for anyone who loves music that isn’t necessarily the same thing we hear on the radio day in and day out, because frankly, Kolby Koloff isn’t played on the radio…at least not to my knowledge. Is that a good thing that a certain artist isn’t played on the ever reliable radio at all, even if some songs on their catalogue are certainly fit for the radio if need be? Maybe, maybe not, but what I do know is this- Kolby’s new song, whether it be on the radio or not is immaterial. Her song will nevertheless be impactful regardless, that the central theme of being humble enough to admit that we can’t save ourselves on our own is translated and realised by anyone who hears such a track as this. We on our own can’t save ourselves, from the worry, calamity, uncertainty and restlessness that can be deep within us. But rather, we give things over to God, from Him to take control of situations we may not have a grip and handle over.

And so, that is the song, ‘Save Yourself’. It is a prayer for hope, a call to declare that we can’t do things on our own. And that’s ok to say that we don’t have it all together. Because to admit that we need help isn’t a sign of weakness, but of strength, to call upon the name of the Lord and allow Him to save us each time, knowing full well that things done by our strength alone will indeed crumble. As Kirby shows us in a blog of hers not too long ago- ‘…there are things that I am good at, and some things that need work. “Being still” is one of those things that I constantly find myself trying to fine tune. I ask myself more times then not, “Kolby. Why can’t you just calm down, be still, and know He’s got this?” Why is that so difficult sometimes? Is it fear? I’m afraid that this time He will forget to come through. Is it impatience? I want it completed yesterday, and I want it done my way. Or do I just lack faith in who He is? …’ ‘Save Yourself’ is such a song that delves into these themes discussed by Kolby herself, above, and is a song that hopefully opens to the doors of discussion into these topics. A melody, that though not on the radio, will impact the hearts of many (inclusive of mine) as the months progress, here’s to more powerful and emotive tracks from Kolby as 2018 continues to roll on. Well done Kolby for such a heartfelt song, can’t wait for a full-length album whenever that may be!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Ellie Holcomb, TRALA, Moriah Peters, Citizen Way, UNITED

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