Emily Weisband – I Call It Being Human EP

Warner Records

Release Date: April 2nd 2021

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Emily Weisband– I Call It Being Human EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. New Salt
  2. Psychopath
  3. Love 2 Hard (feat. Tauren Wells)
  4. Loved
  5. Indie Movie Zoomout Moment

Independent artists have a rough go of it these days, especially with COVID-19 hanging around still, and the artist having no label to back them, and having an intrinsic expectation to record albums of the same quality as artists on a label. Independent artists are generally rarely promoted. That is… unless another high profile artist sings their praises and informs us all about an independent artist on social media. And while singer/songwriter Emily Weisband isn’t really an independent artist and is signed to Warner Records; the truth is that I had never heard of her. And I’m almost positive the general population hadn’t heard of her. I think though… that it’s all about to change. And it’s all because of Tauren Wells. The ex-lead singer of Royal Tailor, and a successful CCM solo artist, recently guested on a song with Emily; and because of him sharing their collaboration, well let’s just say that now I’m well on the way to becoming a fan of Emily’s music. Similar in style to Marie Miller and Ellie Holcomb; Emily eloquently sings about the ups and downs of life- and from this new EP I Call It Being Human, let me just say that Emily is well on the way to becoming a future star, and perhaps an influential one at that!

’I Call It Being Human’ is, I think, some of the most important music I’ve put out. It’s really simple… as different as we all are in beliefs, race, background, habits, friend groups, music tastes, freakin’ FOOD PREFERENCES… at the end of the day, we all want to love and be loved. We want to belong, fully known, and fully accepted. I wanted this project to be about embracing all of the things that make us feel like we can’t be loved or accepted. We shame each other for our feelings and our thoughts… we call people extra, or too much or dramatic for going through normal human stuff. This EP is about calling out and normalizing those things.

Having already written hit songs for Camila Cabello, Dan + Shay, BTS, Halsey, Hillary Scott and Keith Urban to name a few; I Call It Being Human is one of the most confronting yet comforting EP’s of the year thus far. Sure to shake up our paradigms and our world views, and sure to hold up a mirror to our own preconceived ideas of what it means to act and live a certain way; Emily eloquently reminds us that we’re all on this journey called life, and we’re all similar to each other- no one person has the right to say we’re better than anyone else. “New Salt”, a piano led reflective ballad, has Emily lamenting over a broken relationship, and calling out her ex for being manipulative and toxic, and sending out a warning to us all to make sure that we and the other person in the relationship respect each other and treat each other with dignity. Otherwise the result could eventuate like the song lyrically… and that wouldn’t be a nice thing to experience now, would it? The rest of the album delivers song after song that is so compelling yet also inspiring. “Psychopath”, a danceable club anthem, speaks about Emily’s ex being engaged now, and her still feeling a bit weird and odd, despite the time between them- and this is a reminder of just how complex human emotions really are, and how time can heal wounds but maybe some longer than others; while the heartbreaking, honest and emotional “Loved” fervently recounts the basic need of each and all of us, that we all want and need to be loved, and that we all long to be accepted as well. With Emily passionately reiterating that ‘…yeah, the older I get the clearer I see, that we do what we do ’cause we need what we need, and we’ve all got the same longing inside of us, we’re hatin’ and chasin’ and hurtin’ each other because we just wanna be loved…’, we are met with an earnest and searching-like wish or desire- a need to be loved- and a song that is sure to resonate with a number of us.

“Indie Movie Zoomout Moment” ends the EP, and is about the moments in life that you think are pivotal (because we’re in the thick of it!), but on second thought they aren’t that profound nor life-changing. As Emily is all philosophical on this track, and diving deep into the concept of certain events altering who you are deep down as a person to a large or small extent; the real winner here is the emotional and inspiring “Love 2 Hard” with Tauren Wells. As Emily and Tauren reassure us that loving too hard is a good thing as opposed to a bad thing, as someone will appreciate you for you- warts and all; we are encouraged to live life to the max and the fullest. When we do, I’d say that our lives will be infinitely much more satisfying and happier, don’t you reckon?

With Emily Weisband having released 2 more EP’s (Identity Crisis and Not Afraid To Say Goodbye), I’d say the world is sleeping on a talented songwriter and singer. Her latest EP may not be everyone’s preference… but I’d say listen at least once, and be amazed and blessed. And as we dwell upon the moments in life that are pivotal in making us who we are, let’s remember that if Emily has the power to make us feel and resonate with just her 3rd EP… then how much more would we be impacted by through the rest of Emily’s discography in the future? Well done Emily, I can’t wait to hear what God has in store for you in the future?

3 songs to listen to: Love 2 Hard, Loved, Indie Movie Zoomout Moment

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Sara Bareilles, Hailee Steinfeld, Marie Miller, Ellie Holcomb, Sarah Reeves

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