Elizabeth South – Not Letting Go (Single)


Release Date: June 11th 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Elizabeth South– Not Letting Go (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Not Letting Go

“…I am encouraged, when I hear from people who say my music touches them on some level, that it helps heal them and connects them to happiness and hope in a fresh way. I feel as if my voice was a special gift from the beginning, even as a little girl, and so I love to be able to share that gift with people who listen, so that the music and my voice can be a healing wind for them…” Singer songwriter Elizabeth South has had a very remarkable career so far, given that she is a full time elementary school teacher as well as an independent artist. In that context, it’s quite astounding to think that Elizabeth has accomplished everything she has thus far. Having released 4 full length albums (The Mysteries Of Our Minds in 2010, Do It Afraid in 2011, and both I Love You and Dream With Me in 2013), and 2 EP’s (Christmas in 2011 and Just A Prayer Away in 2012), as well as multiple Disney medleys of late, it’s time for us to take notice of Elizabeth’s most recent single “Not Letting Go”.

Having collaborated with producer Billy Smiley for most of her career; ever since I first listened to Elizabeth’s music, from her heartfelt “Have Faith”, to the inspirational and motivational “I Will Trust You”, to the upbeat and danceable “Don’t Give Up”; I have immediately loved her music and enjoyed everything about her style, which is quite varied. Throughout the years, Elizabeth South has been able to bring listeners into her heartfelt melodies, with honest lyrics, catchy music, and biblical truths, and that trend is no different in “Not Letting Go”. Building upon the themes in her 2011 release about stepping out in faith and facing our fears while we are still afraid, because true strength is facing what scares us instead of running away from our troubles; as well as the themes in I Love You which speaks specifically about the fears and insecurities that we have about not being loved and never being enough; Elizabeth once again provides us hope, inspiration, encouragement and the knowledge that we are safe and secure in our Father’s arms. As Elizabeth soothes us and reassures us that an eternal love exists for us in Jesus Christ, and with Him everything will be ok; we are presented with a 3 minute country/pop melody that I can’t help but listen to multiple times and press repeat as I am immersed into one of Elizabeth’s most inspiring songs of her music career to date! Just check out the video below, and you’ll see what I mean!

So…did you press repeat, or did you press repeat? Slightly country in nature, Elizabeth ardently relays to us that ‘…I’m gonna reach high, no I’m not letting go, believing in my dreams and inside I know, gonna reach high, I’m gonna let it show, imagine all the things that we could know, I’m not letting go…’, and also imparts to us that our stories and our individual journeys are unfinished and are still works in progress. To think that we all have arrived at the point where we cannot grow as people is somewhat foolish- there is always something we each can improve at, and we all have dreams that we all can achieve if we have our support network behind us, and have determination and grit. So more or less, this inspiring melody should awaken something in us that may be dormant, and inspire us to actively do whatever it is that has been placed on our hearts by God. We should not let go of our dreams just because those around us think it’s too far-fetched (with God by our side, we can do anything!); well done Elizabeth for stirring something in our souls, and moving us to step out of our comfort zone in terms of taking leaps of faith and holding onto the dreams we long to occur in the future!

“…I am so grateful to each and every one of you for your wonderful messages about my music and for purchasing my music. It encourages me daily. You are all so kind and I thank you all. Please understand and know how grateful I truly am. If I can take my music to the larger world, then I will feel as if I have come full circle from being that little girl who just loved to sing to being the accomplished artist who is able to do what I was made to do…” While every track that Elizabeth South has recorded may not be explicitly about Jesus, each track does talk about some realities of life and preconceptions of the world- a trend once again shown to us in “Not Letting Go”. With Elizabeth hopefully recording a new album later on this year or early next year, “Not Letting Go” is the perfect track to tie us over until we hear something new from Elizabeth. Hopefully Elizabeth gets signed in the future (I believe that she should); but even if she doesn’t, she should know that she has done many people proud! If you’ve never listened to Elizabeth South’s music before, I suggest you start with “Not Letting Go” and then work backwards in her discography- I guarantee, you’ll become a fan and love her music, just like myself.

3 songs to listen to: Not an album or an EP, however you can listen to the track 3 times or maybe more, or until we comprehend the fact that we can reach our dreams if we never let go and believe that God has the best in store for us!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Point Of Grace, Avalon, Carrie Underwood, Natalie Grant, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum

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