Chris Howland – I Got You

DROM Records

Release Date: April 14th 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Chris Howland– I Got You (feat. Spencer Kane) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. I Got You

Dream Label Group has always been one of the labels that has signed the underdogs, the up and coming artists, and artists that do not necessarily receive as high profile coverage. Artists such as like We Are Leo, Soulfire Revolution, Saint Esprit, Jasmine Hurtado, Curt Anderson, Darrell Evans, Abigail Duhon all recently signed to the label- together with veterans Satellites and Sirens, Cindy Cruse Radcliff, Jonathan Thulin, David Thulin and Warr Acres, we are presented with a vibrant and eclectic snapshot of a musically diverse and unique group of artists. Now Dream Label Group has unveiled a brand new song project from a relatively new artist- Chris Howland, through the electronic arm of the label- DROM Records.

Even though I had not heard of Chris’s music before (I reckon it’s time to check out the track he recorded with Joel Vaughn earlier this year, don’t you think?); “I Got You” is the perfect launching pad for me to be captivated by Chris’s sublime and brilliant pop production style. However, if we all as listeners are waiting for Chris to sing, then we’d be very disappointed. Similar to David Thulin, Matthew Parker and DJ Kirk, Chris hardly ever sings at all on his projects, and he rather creates awesome music beats instead, with plenty of guest vocalists. Instead, Chris’s brand new inspiring single “I Got You” boasts Spencer Kane on vocals, as both Chris and Spencer ardently proclaim that ‘…I got You and nothing else matters…’, with the song having a double sided meaning- either the track is about longing for God or for a future spouse or significant other. Driven by stirring synth and a Caribbean style musical atmosphere ala Christafari, we are blessed to hear such a unique genre, as both Chris and Spencer praise the Lord through music and words respectively, crying out that we’re ‘…givin’ all I got cause I know You’re worthy, givin’ all of me cause You deserve it, I want You to know I think You’re perfect…’. As far as songs go, “I Got You” may be a bit cliché, but it’s also simple in delivery, and quite effective, as we remember that Jesus is everything we need and the only thing that matters. However, regardless of whether this will end up being a ‘mainstream’ song or not, Chris Howland’s powerful melody is something that we all need to check out, and sing to the Lord about as we glorify His name!

 “…Because I’m single I feel this pressure to always be focused on finding the perfect relationship and it was like an obvious inspiration to write about the perfect relationship I have with God. We all dream of that one person who will complete you, but in reality only God can truly be that for us. God is perfect and basically when we understand that our relationship with him is our priority, nothing else matters…” Both Spencer Kane and Chris Howland have created a brilliant masterpiece, and I can’t wait to hear what Chris has in store for a full length album. What more can I say about Chris Howland’s inspiring and musically different new song that I haven’t mentioned already? While it seems that on the surface it’s a happy-go-lucky melody that could be overlooked with the sea of new albums and songs always releasing every week, “I Got You” is something that you have to listen to, to fully understand the depth of God’s love for us. So is this a song that makes me say ‘go and listen on youtube/Spotify as soon as you can?’. Yes it is, if only to hear what Spencer sounds like when not attached to Anthem Lights! Well done Chris for a memorable worship anthem; I can’t wait for future releases!

3 songs to listen to: Not an album, but you can listen to “I Got You” 3 + times!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Group 1 Crew, Owl City, TobyMac, Anthem Lights, Royal Tailor

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