Michael W. Smith – You Won’t Let Go


Michael W. Smith, one of the pioneers of CCM/worship music, has been creating albums and recording inspiring songs since the 1980’s. The author of famous songs such as “Secret Ambition”, “This Is Your Time”, “Friends”, “Live The Life”, “Place In This World”, “Agnus Dei” and “Healing Rain”; now Michael is making a comeback, with a label change from Reunion Records to Sparrow Records.

This month he releases Sovereign, a live DVD and a brand new studio CD, after a hiatus of four years. And though some critics may proclaim that his first single from the project, to promote the album, called “You Won’t Let Go”, seems too shallow or cliché, I personally believe that this song is quit poignant and worshipful, with the live video of the song enhancing the message as well.

On the dynamic, fresh and musically catchy anthem “You Won’t Let Go”, we are met with an honest and emotional mid tempo worship song that reiterates the fact that Jesus loves us so much that he will always hold onto us. With His love for us meaning that we can be safe and secure in the arms of Jesus, the track has me singing along with Michael in praises to the Almighty. Driven by light electric guitars and a strong piano presence, the radio pop tune is the perfect song for the first single. As Michael unashamedly and authoritatively proclaims that Jesus is ‘…the anchor for my soul, You won’t let go…no matter what may come I know, You won’t let go…’, I am amazed and in awe of how enjoyable this song, and also the entire album is.

With the concert DVD filmed in at Michael W. Smith’s barn in Franklin, Tennessee, and the lighting and production at top notch (I can totally imagine being at the venue singing along in unison with Michael and the audience!); it seems as if the label change has given Michael a new outlook on life and music. Michael has been in the music industry for 30+ years, though one may have thought that his ideas musically and lyrically may not have been fresh anymore, and Michael’s voice could have been waning. Yet Sovereign and “You Won’t Let Go” in particular, turns my preconceptions on its head! Michael W. Smith isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and that’s definitely a good thing, as we can never get enough ‘Smitty’ songs in our lives!

Michael also released a video of “You Won’t Let Go”; check out the video below! What do you think of the video and the song?

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