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Rhett Walker Band, signed to Essential Records, a division of Provident Label Group, has released their new album Here’s To The Ones this week. Full of new rock, country, acoustic and gospel songs, including the singles “Broken Man” and “Here’s To The Ones”, I had the privilege of interviewing drummer Kenny Davis (3rd from left) via email, as we discussed the album, what the band hope listeners will experience when hearing the new songs, as well as their goals and dreams for the year ahead. Check out the interview below.

1. It’s been 2 years and a bit since your last album Come To The River; can you tell us about recording this album?

It started on the road. Joe and I brought out a mobile recording rig and recorded most of the demos of songs that ended up on the record. It was fun getting to hold up in a studio for a month and recapture all the songs.

2. What is the one thing that you hope listeners can gain when they hear Here’s To The Ones?

I hope that they experience peace and a realization that they aren’t the only ones trying to make it through life. That even in our joys or struggles, the choice to love and serve is always a choice that produces health and perspective in our life.

3. Has there been a recent song that has been ministering to people on the road, what has been the response?

I think “The Mystery” has been a really intriguing song for people. It seems like the song has been hitting them in a really raw place. 

4. Were there any difficult songs to write, sing or even record, either because they were based on personal experiences of yourself or others?

These songs were all birthed out of our life experiences. They are all gifts. They aren’t crafted to sell records, they were written almost like a journal. As far as CCM standards, it doesn’t really fit the mold, that’s probably the most difficult part of this process…it’s an uphill battle.

5. Both musically and lyrically, how does Here’s To The Ones capture the experiences of yourself throughout the last few years of your musical journey? As you move into what God is calling you into next in your Christian music career; is there anything you hold onto that God has spoken into your life?

I think this record just captures the last two years of our life. It’s our experiences with our career, family, and interactions with the fans and people we meet through our travels.

The theme throughout the album and our life at this point, is trying to just be honest. If we have answers, awesome. If we don’t, awesome. At the end of the day, the Gospel tells us to love Him and love others. It does not say you should hold your doctrine or belief higher than the care, respect, and humility we are supposed to show and live out towards others. That, unfortunately, is the case with a lot of people/church leaders/fans that we have experienced. 

We want to love well, be honest, and serve. That’s what this record is, and that’s what we are trying to live out.

6. Are there any artists/writers/producers you would like to collaborate and compose music with in the future? Who were your favorite artists you admired and looked up to musically in your earlier years, and is there any artist or band that you admire within the music industry currently?

Right now, I’d love to work with two producers whose work I really admire. Eric Valentine and Jay Joyce. 

I’d love to write with Travis Meadows and Will Hoge. Both of their stories and the songs they write are really moving and powerful. Great depth and great melodies. I’m a huge fan of both of them. 

As far as artists/bands I grew up listening to, it’s pretty wide in variety. James Taylor, Tonic, Wallflowers, Bonnie Raitt, Jonathan Brooke, Ryan Adams, The Deftones, The Yellowjackets…pretty eclectic! 

7. If anyone reading this interview wants to move into the music industry, what would you say to them as advice?

Work as hard as you can, be a person of integrity, be kind and gracious, and stick you your guns. As the great Kenny Rogers said, “Gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.”

8. Can you tell us about the Rhett Neck Nashville Experience, and how did you connect up with Pepsi Mid America on the Mountain Dew Camo Campaign?

It’s just gonna be an old fashion BBQ bash, RWB style. 

Pepsi Mid America is just incredible. We met them through a show we played, and through the pure graciousness and kindness of them, they wanted to be apart of what we were doing! 

9. Is there anything in your life that keeps you grounded and places things in perspective as you travel and create music? (i.e. Bible verse, quote, etc.).

We are all friends and we keep each other in check. If music ended for us, we would still hang out. That’s a gift and when we start feeling big for our britches, we keep each other accountable. That would be the case if we were plumbers. 

But really, you should meet our wives.  They are awesome.

10. Is there anything else that you would like to add that hasn’t been covered in this interview yet?

Come and hang out with us on the road! We love to hang out and chill with fans!

Be sure to check out Rhett Walker Band’s new album Here’s To The Ones in stores now! Also, check out the band’s youtube page here, as well as the lyric videos below of their singles from this album!

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