Alan Powell – The Song (Awaken Love)

the song poster

Hello, and welcome everyone to our next free download for this site (yep, 2 downloads in one day!). Ready to dive in?

The Song– a film where Alan Powell makes his full length acting debut, is where he portrays a country singer Jed, who becomes famous after writing a hit song for his wife. It’s a modern day Ecclesiastes story with Jed loosely based on the role of Solomon, and a great chance for Alan to show us what has been placed by God on his heart- another medium of showing God’s love that he is venturing into alongside his presence in Anthem Lights.

And to celebrate the opening of the film which released in the last week of September (you can read the review here!), you can download Alan Powell‘s brand new single “The Song (Awaken Love)”- the song that Jed wrote for his wife!- here (right click and ‘save as’)! You can also listen to the song below!

What do you think of the track? Let us know in the comments!

Enjoy your week everyone, til next time!

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