Top Tens (Easter Sunday)

I know it’s technically Easter Monday, but I figured that if I wrote a post about some of my favourite songs that spoke about Good Friday, then an appropriate post about Easter Sunday was a given. Because, in essence; Easter Sunday is in fact much more important than Good Friday by far. Because if Jesus never rose from the dead, even if He did in fact die, then the whole basis of Christianity just comes down to a feel good social club than anything else. If there was no resurrection, then Christianity isn’t worth believing in.

But in fact, we as believers of Christ our Lord believe in the resurrection, and because of that, a change in our lives ought to be reflected in how we live in light of what we have read in the gospels and experienced in our personal lives. Easter Sunday is a celebration of the hope we have in Christ, and what better way to express such a hope, than in song! There have been many songs of late that have impacted my life during the season of Easter time. So, to trim it down to 15 songs can be a bit of a task. But I have done it. So, without further ado, here are 15 songs that have impacted my life, songs about Easter Sunday and the significance of the day to mankind as a whole!

Christ is Risen (Tenth Avenue North)

Favourite Lyrics-

O death, where is your sting? O hell, where is your victory?
O church, come stand in the light, the glory of God has defeated the night
Sing it, o death, where is your sting? O hell, where is your victory?
O church, come stand in the light, our God is not dead, He’s alive, He’s alive

Because He Lives (Matt Maher)

Favourite Lyrics-

Amen, Amen
I’m alive, I’m alive
Because He lives
Amen, Amen
Let my song join the one that never ends
Because He lives

Mercy Tree (Lacey Sturm)

Favourite Lyrics-

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome.
He has risen from the dead.

Creed (Third Day)

Favourite Lyrics-

I believe what I believe, it what makes me who I am,
No I did not make it, no it is making me, it is the very truth of God
And not the invention of any man

Sunday’s on the Way (Carman)

Favourite Lyrics-

On Friday night they crucified the Lord on Calvary,
But He said, ‘Don’t dread, in 3 days I’m gonna live again, you’ll see’
When problems try to bury you and make it hard to pray
It may seem like Friday night, but Sunday’s on the way

Forever (Kari Jobe)

Favourite Lyrics-

The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away
This perfect love cannot be overcome
Now death, where is your sting? The resurrected King
Has rendered you defeated
Forever He is glorified
Forever He is lifted high
Forever He is risen, He is alive, He is alive

What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong Worship)

Favourite Lyrics-

Death could not hold You, the veil tore before You
You silenced the ghosts of sin and shame
The heavens are roaring, the praise of Your glory
For You are raised to life again
You have no rival, You have no equal
Now and forever God, You reign
Yours is the kingdom, Yours is the glory,
Yours is the name above all names

The Story (A Spoken Word) (Jimmy Needham)

Favourite Lyrics-

Are you shocked by the consequence of sin?
Be more shocked by the mercy of him
Couldn’t free ourselves so Christ became our freedom
Couldn’t fill these lungs so He became our breathing
We live because He died, once a harlot now a bride
Sins were scarlet, now made white
Perfect by proxy, saved by a surrogate
Holy through Him, the Hero and the damsel are one

Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) (Casting Crowns)

Favourite Lyrics-

One day the trumpet will sound for His coming
One day the skies with His glory, will shine
Wonderful day, my beloved One bringing
My Saviour, Jesus is mine
Living He loved me, dying He saved me, buried He carried my sins far away
Rising He justified, freely forever, one day He’s coming, oh glorious day

I Am New (Jason Gray)

Favourite Lyrics-

I am not who I was, I’m being remade I am new
I’m chosen and holy and I’m dearly loved, I am new
Too long have I lived in the shadows of shame
Believing that there was no way I could change
But the One who is making everything new
Doesn’t see me the way that I do

In Christ Alone (Phillips, Craig & Dean)

Favourite Lyrics-

No guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me
From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man could ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I stand

Alive (Natalie Grant)

Favourite Lyrics-

Alive, Alive, look what mercy’s overcome
Death has lost and love has won
Alive, Alive, hallelujah is the Lord
The only One I fall before, I am His because He is alive

Empty (Dan Haseltine/Matt Hammitt)

Favourite Lyrics-

We wept from a distance, watched pieces of our dreams
Buried with You, every last wound sealed the stone beyond our reach
Sweet, sweet Jesus, every question, every fear, vanishing like vapour dreams
Now that You’re standing here, now the tears come easy when You say You’re leaving
We’ve touched the place the nails went through, wanting one more day with You
But it’s goodbye now, for a little while now
Believing everything You say is true

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) (Chris Tomlin)

Favourite Lyrics-

My chains are gone, I’ve been set free,
My God, my Saviour, has ransomed me
And like a flood, His mercy reigns
Unending love, amazing grace

This is Amazing Grace (Phil Wickham)

Favourite Lyrics-

This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love
That You would take my place, that You would bear my cross
You laid down Your life that I would be set free
Jesus, I sing for all that You done for me

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