TOP 10___: 30 most impacting Switchfoot songs ever!

While we as a site mostly review albums, with the odd TV show and movie thrown in for variety, as well as posting blogs sometimes as well, many of you may be wondering where the up to date news is. I mean, why aren’t we posting about the up to date music/movie/TV show news? Well- it would be a bit time consuming- and we do have to prioritise in terms of what we think is most important. We still share the news- but just not directly on our site, but rather retweeted from other more official twitter accounts on our own twitter page (which is embedded on our site anyway!) So what does that have to do with Top Tens?

Well, in this new Top Tens post, we are listing the 30 most inspirational and impacting Switchfoot songs ever. It’s no secret that Switchfoot are one of our favourite bands ever- just take one look at their singles and their discography, and you’ll know why they’re one of a kind. So I guess you could say that we became sad and maybe shocked and stunned when lead singer Jon Foreman and band members Tim Foreman, Drew Shirley, Jerome Fontamillas and Chad Butler announced an indefinite hiatus at the end of last year. It was very newsworthy, enough to be put in a separate post on our site, and not just a retweet. I mean they could have been like the next dc Talk- forever on hiatus but really split up until…I don’t know when. But for one reason or another we never posted about it, or at least our own thoughts and opinion about it. We always thought that they’d ‘reunite’ very soon- but the thought never crossed our mind about what would happen if they did split. Thankfully the split wasn’t permanent, and in a special video uploaded last week, Jon outlined that the band was back.

So, in preparation for their big date of October 19th 2018 (where they will most likely release a brand new single!), below are 30 videos that I reckon showcase the best of Switchfoot (and could make a near flawless best of album, if it were to be released now!)- and these songs are in our opinion, 30 songs from the band that are the most impacting ever. Take a look/listen and enjoy. And remember- just because we don’t post the news, doesn’t mean we don’t care about up to date music news. Check out our twitter page for up to date music news, as well as our healthy competition Jesus Freak Hideout (whom I reckon does the best up to date music news- who can compete with that?)!

1. Meant to Live

2. We Are One Tonight

3. Stars

4. Only Hope

5. Awakening

6. Restless

7. Where I Belong

8. Dark Horses

9. Mess Of Me

10. This Is Your Life

11. Oh Gravity

12. Always

13. When We Come Alive

14. Love Alone Is Worth The Fight

15. Live It Well

16. I Won’t Let You Go

17. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine

18. On Fire

19. Learning to Breathe

20. The Beautiful Letdown

21. The Sound

22. Hello Hurricane

23. Afterlife

24. Gone

25. More Than Fine

26. New Way To Be Human

27. Float

28. This Is Home

29. Your Love Is A Song

30. Dare You To Move

Which Switchfoot song speaks to you the most? Are you excited for October 19th, when a there’s a release of…some big news, and perhaps a brand new single? Let us know in the comments below!

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