Throwback Tuesdays: Introduction (DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak”)

throwback tuesdays jesus freak 2014

Hi everyone and welcome to the first edition of Throwback Tuesday. Today was my 22nd birthday, so that’s why this post is up a bit late. For the first edition I thought I’d post something classic from my childhood.

I think it’s reasonable to say that almost every Christian music fan has heard “Jesus Freak” by DC Talk at least once in their life. The song (and corresponding album) was groundbreaking when it first released in 1995, breaking all sorts of racial, religious and musical barriers. It was one of my favorite albums during my childhood and it made a huge impact in my life. The video is thought-provoking, so I thought I’d share it with you for the first Throwback Tuesday. Check out the link to the video below.

If this song made an impact in your life growing up, I’d love to hear your story. Post a comment below and tell us what you think!

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