Sunday News Roundup (16th-22nd June 2014)


Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 16th to the 22nd of June. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

  • Would you watch 24 without Kiefer Sutherland in the show? Well, there is chatter of new seasons without Kiefer in the show; check out the news!
  • Transporter has been renewed for a 2nd season, check out the filming dates here!
  • In a shock move, Castle showrunner Andrew Marlowe has quit, and made an exit. What do you think of the news?
  • Erin Karpluk, the lead of 2009’s Being Erica, has been cast in Rookie Blue’s 5 season, in a mysterious role to be shown in episode 11. Who do you think she is starring as?
  • Manafest is unveiling his new album The Moment on the 5th August; who is excited for the BEC Recordings release?
  • Jamie Grace’s “Hold Me”, and Grits’ “Ooh, Aah”, both featuring TobyMac, have been certified Gold this week by the RIAA; what do you think of the news?
  • Did you love listening to Paul Colman’s From the Saltland To the River? It’s time for a new album! Paul is in the studio and recording his new album Recalculating, but he needs your help! Check out the press release of his Indiegogo campaign!
  • There’s a bunch of videos out this week including music videos from Nikki Joy, Je’kob, Soulfire Revolution, and Holly Starr (The Voyage, I Believe, Count The Stars, God Is) and Lindsay McCaul’s lyric video for “Empty Handed”! Which video is your favourite?
  • It’s the week of album announcements! Amy Grant, Bluetree, Bellarive, John Waller, Colton Dixon and Lindsay McCaul have all announced new studio projects; which release are you excited for the most?
  • Danny Gokey releases Hope In Front Of Me this coming week to stores; check out the NRT Full Stream of the album here!
  • Time for some childhood nostalgia; the children’s TV shows The Powerpuff Girls and Telletubies are both being rebooted as series in the near future; check out all the details!
  • New shows Emerald City and Daredevil have started the casting process quite recently; what do you think of the decisions so far?
  • Jon Neufeld, from Starfield, is releasing a solo EP on August 5th; is anyone intrigued and interested in listening to it?
  • Audio Adrenaline have graciously conducted an in depth interview with Greenville In One Accord; what do you think of what Josh and Jared have to say?
  • There were some new movie trailers this week, with a few standouts being The Good Lie, The Judge and The Wedding Ringer. Which movie will you watch and which won’t you touch?
  • Everfound has shrunk- Illarion has left the band, and now Nikita, Yan and Ruslan will continue as a trio. What do you think of the news?
  • Delirium, a failed FOX pilot from 2012, has surfaced online (on Hulu)- do you think this show could potentially be picked up by Hulu?

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