Sentimental Saturdays: Travelling Overseas, and Appreciating the Many Cultures Of Countries Around The World!

travelling overseas

Do you remember the first time you travelled to another town or city or country, by plane? Personally I’m still a little bit apprehensive about flying (and who wouldn’t be, given the current political and economic climate in the world!), however the times that I have been travelling overseas have been worth it, as I gaze upon and bask in God’s creation, and the unique structure, landmarks, and flora and fauna of a different culture. It’s also in those times when I think about the risk involved in travelling to a place beyond my comfort zone, and the implications in my risk taking in general as well.

I certainly remember some of my first times travelling in a plane- it was 1996 in the school holidays when my family and I went to Queensland, where we visited Movie World, Dream World and Sea World for a couple of weeks of fun and joyous celebration of being alive (and because Jon just came out of hospital with a successful day procedure to remove his tracheostomy- that’s for another sentimental Saturdays post- Jon’s and my miracle birth!); and it was 1999 when we travelled overseas for the first time- to Malaysia, Mum’s country of birth. Since then, my parents, brother and I, have travelled to various cities and countries. We have travelled to places such as New Zealand (South Island), Tasmania, Germany, England (London), Singapore, Malaysia, Victoria (Melbourne). In the future we may visit the U.S.; however though it may seem like I’m trying to list and say how I am better than everyone else who haven’t had the opportunity to travel, the main point that I’m trying to get across is that something the activity that we take for granted leads us to places where we can feel alive, and appreciate what we have.

To be fair, some people do not have the luxury of travelling via a plane overseas. And others may think travelling to places via car is much more practical.  But to me the mode of travel is irrelevant, as what I am remembering about my past that has shaped my appreciated for the future is the act of travelling to a different place beyond my comfort zone, which has certainly shaped how I see the world.

Really, when you are 6, and also when you are 9, you probably don’t see the world as a place you need to go out to visit, and see for yourself, well when I was that age, I wasn’t itching to travel. I guess people long to see beyond where they live later on in life. When you’re a child, if people don’t tell you, or only help you or persuade you to go on a plane to see what is beyond your ‘world’, would you go? My answer would be maybe, or maybe not. But that’s irrelevant. To me the plane that I went on years ago, was symbolic of me stepping out in faith to a new place.

And while travelling on a plane can be and is still scary (just a bit), the experiences in each of these places that I travelled to were out of this world. Had I have seen all of these places, and marvelled at God’s creation, if I didn’t go to Queensland in 1996 and Malaysia in 1999? Where people go for holidays are conversation starters, and I am positive that a conversation can have the potential to turn to a discussion about faith and Jesus, if you allow God to move. Hence going on a plane to ___ can impact someone’s life in 1-2 years when you are talking about that particular place to them, segueing into talking about Jesus.

While I am grateful for venturing onto a plane when I was younger, and hence me travelling to many countries, seeing God’s handiwork, so that I can appreciate the world we live in, and have the ability to talk to various types of people and to various topics; for you there may be another experience in your life that is equally as defining that you’d like to share. Let us know in the comments below, and remember, God can use any event in your life, no matter how long ago, or how insignificant, for His glory. So keep your eyes open- and be open to what God is revealing through planes, other modes of transport, His creation, and whatever else He wants to use!

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