Sentimental Saturdays (Round the Twist)

round the twist

As you can probably know from my profile page on the website, I am currently an avid TV show watcher. Current shows like Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Castle, The Mentalist, Orphan Black, Switched at Birth, Continuum and Arrow; and previous shows like One Tree Hill, MONK, Psych, Packed to the Rafters, Eureka, Being Erica and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes; have all, in one way or another, shown me how TV shows can be great, emotive, prolific, encouraging, motivating and entertaining all at once.

Most, if not all of these shows aforementioned, have had an impact on my life in a myriad of ways. Yet my exposure of TV shows wasn’t always that wide and expanse. During my formative and teenage years, I was a lover of a few TV shows. While currently I may not necessarily watch these shows on a regular basis, the shows that I have grown up with are equally as poignant (in sentimental ways) as the shows I currently invest in.

Round the Twist, one of the children shows that I enjoyed during primary and a bit of high school, is still, I reckon, one of the most enjoyable, relevant, and poignant children’s television shows ever written in recent Australian TV history. Formed from the short stories of children’s writer Paul Jennings, this Logie-Award winning 22 minute-an-episode series about three children and their father living in a lighthouse in Melbourne, Australia and being involved in many bizarre and unexplainable adventures; spanned 12 years and 4 seasons to give us the best that children’s TV shows has to offer.

While it may seem a little childish if you’d ask me to watch an episode of Round the Twist again after around 10 years of not watching the show; it did have a great impact, not just on my childhood, but also in my faith in Australian comedy and drama. Out of Round the Twist came my intrigue and love shows like Packed to The Rafters, Wonderland, Janet King and Crownies. While it could be a bore (or even a chore) to watch Round the Twist again (I haven’t watched the show in a while- I’ll comment again after I’ve seen an episode again); I’m grateful for the impact that it has had on my TV watching habits in recent years.

What has been your ultimate favourite TV show growing up? Is there any show that you saw when you were a child that you could be intrigued to watch again, for nostalgia sake? Is there any show you regret watching as a child, or any show you didn’t watch but wished you had? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

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