Sentimental Saturdays: Introduction (Nintendo 64)

nintendo 64- 1080

Sentimental- the definition is pretty simple. Something of your past that you hold onto, not because of any monetary value, but because of the intrinsic value you place on it. It may not necessarily be the most popular thing of that time period, but nevertheless, you hold onto it because of the fond memories it gives you. In this weekly post of Sentimental Saturdays, we discuss the things that make us remember the times where life was simple, good, and sometimes less complicated than the lives we live currently.

From Gameboys and Mario Party, to VCR’s, vinyl players, floppy disks, Back to the Future, or even something you have currently, like DVD players or even a favourite book from your local bookstore; Sentimental Saturdays will cover all these things and more as we take a trip down memory lane, and remember the times associated with these sentimental things and thank God for these special moments, regardless of how short or long they may have been. This first week of posting brings me to my Nintendo 64 playing days- now everyone remembers Nintendo 64 right? Prominent during the 1990s, Nintendo 64 was the platform console before the ever popular Nintendo Gamecube, Wii and Wii U that succeeded it. With our family enjoying numerous times on the console as we played games like Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart with each other and friends, one multiplayer game, 1080°, was a favourite of mine.

A snowboarding game where you race your friends (or the computer) in ‘friendly’ matches, it was during 1080 where the fiercest of rivalries were between friends (especially between me and my high school friends more than ten years ago). Remembering Nintendo 64, and especially the snowboarding game, has given me great recollections about quality time spent with friends- while I can’t seem to find the console nor the games right now (I reckon they’re somewhere in the house hidden so deep even the person who hid it- probably myself- can’t find it), I still often wonder what it would be like to play the console, years later.

Remembering something that is triggered by something sentimental always gives us a feeling that we are indeed blessed in the lives that we live and experience. Let me finish this post with this question- what is your favourite console? Is it Nintendo- 64 and Wii like myself, or something different- X-Box or PlayStation maybe? What feelings does thinking about your console evoke within yourself? If you would have the ability to travel back in time and choose again whether to invest your time and effort in your favourite console, would you still do it, or would you pick another?

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