If you have been an avid fan of this site, you probably would have noticed that we have posted many WOW Hits predictions at strategic points during the year for a particular installment. Up until now, we’ve only done so for CD’s (we’ve done so previously for WOW Hits 2009WOW Hits 2013WOW Hits 2004 and WOW Hits 2011!), so this time I thought I would change it up and write my ‘fantasy’ list for a WOW Hits DVD.

Since 2012 there haven’t been any WOW Hits DVD’s released at all (instead there are youtube playlists)- so this ‘WOW Hits DVD’ I am writing a fantasy list for doesn’t exist at all. Not on the internet… but I guess it’s fun to think about what could have been on a WOW Hits DVD post 2012 if they did make one. Anyway, so without further ado, here’s my own list for WOW Hits 2019 DVD! Enjoy reading, and coming up with your own ‘official lists’!

NOTE- this list above is not the official track listing; there is no official track listing, this is just a list of what could’ve and should’ve been, taking into account all the music videos released around 2017/18.

What do you think of my version of WOW Hits 2019 DVD (39 tracks in total!)?


I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session) [MercyMe]

Who You Say I Am (Live) [Hillsong Worship]

All In [Matthew West]

Fear Is A Liar [Zach Williams]

The Breakup Song [Francesca Battistelli]

God Of All My Days (Live) [Casting Crowns]

Resurrection Power [Chris Tomlin]

Confidence [Sanctus Real]

Is He Worthy [Andrew Peterson]

Til I Found You [Phil Wickham]

Masterpiece [Danny Gokey]

No Other [For All Seasons]

Remember To Remember [Steven Curtis Chapman]

You Say [Lauren Daigle]

My Feet Are On The Rock [I AM THEY]

Born Again [Austin French]

The Way [Pat Barrett]

How Could I Be Silent [Caitie Hurst]

Bleed The Same [Mandisa]


joy. [for KING & COUNTRY]

Beautifully Broken [Plumb]

i just need u. [TobyMac]

Gone [RED]

Face To Face [Mat Kearney]

Forever On Your Side [Needtobreathe]

Control [Tenth Avenue North]

One More Day [Aaron Cole]

Love Won’t Let Me Down [Y&F]

Count That High [Jordan Feliz]

Work Of Art [Britt Nicole]

Wherever I Go [Dan Bremnes]

When We Pray [Tauren Wells]

You Can [Building 429]

Rescuer [Rend Collective]

Never Let You Down [Hawk Nelson]

Say Hello [Rhett Walker Band]

War Cry [Social Club Misfits]

Easy [Sarah Reeves]

Broken Prayers [Riley Clemmons]


  1. POP
    Happy Dance (MercyMe)
    All In (Matthew West)
    Who You Say I Am (Live) (Hillsong Worship)
    Different (Micah Tyler)
    Resurrection Power (Chris Tomlin)
    The Breakup Song (Francesca Battistelli)
    God Of All My Days (Live) (Casting Crowns)
    Fear Is A Liar (Zach Williams)
    Won’t Stop Now (Live) (Elevation Worship)
    All My Hope (ft. Tauren Wells) (Crowder)
    Bleed The Same (ft. tobyMac) (Mandisa)
    Freedom Hymn (Austin French)
    No Other (For All Seasons)
    What A Friend (Live ft. Jason Crabb) (Matt Maher)
    Jesus I Believe (Big Daddy Weave)
    Worthy of Your Name (Live ft. Sean Curran) (Passion)
    The Way (New Horizon) (Live) (Pat Barrett)
    How Could I Be Silent (Caitie Hurst)
    Counting Every Blessings (Rend Collective)
    A Million Lights (Michael W. Smith)
    Greater Things (Live) (Mack Brock)
    My Feet Are On The Rock (I AM THEY)

    I just need U. (tobyMac)
    God Only Knows (for KING and COUNTRY)
    Changed (Jordan Feliz)
    Forever On Your Side (ft. JOHNNYSWIM) (needtobreathe)
    You Say (Lauren Daigle)
    No Matter What (Ryan Stevenson)
    If You Ain’t In It (Danny Gokey)
    Known (Tauren Wells)
    Love Won’t Let Me Down (Y&F)
    Feel Invincible (Skillet)
    War Cry (ft. Tauren Wells) (Social Club Misfits)
    Beautifully Broken (Plumb)
    Right Here With You (ft. MDSN) (Hawk Nelson)
    Love Me Like You (ft. nobigdyl.) (the young escape)
    Green Lights (NF)
    Wherever I Go (Dan Bremnes)
    Hold On (Riley Clemmons)
    Off My Back (Aaron Cole)
    I Look To You (ft. Social Club Misfits) (Stars Go Dim)

  2. here’s my two cents worth of what i reckon could’ve been included on a WOW Hits 2019 DVD if it was made:

    control (tenth avenue north)
    different (micah tyler)
    bleed the same (feat. tobymac) (mandisa)
    resurrection power (chris tomlin)
    confidence (sanctus real)
    fear is a liar (zach williams)
    if you ain’t in it (danny gokey)
    real thing (feat. sean curran) (vertical worship)
    my feet are on the rock (i am they)
    everything (tobymac)
    no other (for all seasons)
    remember to remember (steven curtis chapman)
    living hope (phil wickham)
    something about you (sarah reeves)
    the breakup song (francesca battistelli)
    heart wide open (live) (mack brock)
    how could i be silent (caitie hurst)
    known (tauren wells)
    what a friend (feat. jason crabb) (live) (matt maher)
    who you say i am (live) (hillsong worship)

    beautifully broken (plumb)
    not dead yet (ledger)
    no matter what (ryan stevenson)
    shadow step (live) (united)
    let go (Y&F)
    prove it (feat. kb) (crowder)
    storm (jeremy camp)
    blackout (steffany gretzinger)
    pioneers (for king and country)
    the best is yet to come (matty mullins)
    forever on your side (feat. johnnyswim) (needtobreathe)
    one more day (aaron cole)
    good life (the young escape)
    wide eyed wonder (stephen christian)
    all good (feat. hollyn) (capital kings)
    broken prayers (riley clemmons)
    every beat (live) (feat. seth condrey) (north point insideout)
    fight for me (feat. lecrae) (gawvi)
    my life (branan murphy)

    so there it is- WOW Hits 2019 DVD if it were made now…or rather, if WOW Hits DVD’s were made, at all. it’s a shame that WOW discontinued DVDs after 2012, sure there are playlists on youtube, but for me, it’s not the same…

  3. POP
    Living Hope (Phil Wickham)
    What A Friend (Live) (Matt Maher ft. Jason Crabb)
    Happy Dance (MercyMe)
    Resurrection Power (Chris Tomlin)
    Control (Tenth Avenue North)
    Worthy Of Your Name (Live) (Passion ft. Sean Curran)
    The Breakup Song (Francesca Battistelli)
    Fear Is A Liar (Zach Williams)
    Great Are You Lord (Howland Mix) (The Sound)
    Right Here With You (Hawk Nelson ft. MDSN)
    God Of All My Days (Live) (Casting Crowns)
    You Say (Lauren Daigle)
    Just Give Me Jesus (Unspoken)
    No Matter What (Ryan Stevenson)
    Known (Tauren Wells)
    Into Dust (Canopy Sessions) (Mack Brock)
    How Could I Be Silent (Caitie Hurst)
    Counting Every Blessing (Rend Collective)
    Lighthouse (Brandon Heath)
    Won’t Stop Now (Live) (Elevation Worship)

    God Only Knows (for KING and COUNTRY)
    Everything (tobyMac)
    I Look To You (Stars Go Dim ft. Social Club Misfits)
    War Cry (Social Club Misfits ft. Tauren Wells)
    Green Lights (NF)
    My Life (Branan Murphy)
    Run Devil Run (Crowder)
    Never Stopped Loving (Jeremy Camp)
    A Million Lights (Michael W. Smith)
    Forever On Your Side (needtobreathe ft. JOHNNYSWIM)
    Rip It Up (Capital Kings ft. Aaron Cole)
    Beautifully Broken (Plumb)
    Off My Back (Aaron Cole)
    Love Me Like You (the young escape ft. nobigdyl.)
    Fight For Me (GAWVI ft. Lecrae)
    Love Won’t Let Me Down (Y&F)
    Hold On (Riley Clemmons)
    Inside Out (Bonray)
    Glimmer In The Dust (Live) (UNITED)
    Feel Invincible (Skillet)

  4. Pop:
    Control (Somehow You Want Me)- Tenth Avenue North
    Living Hope- Phil Wickham
    Stand In Your Love (Live)- Josh Baldwin
    The Breakup Song- Francesca Battistelli
    Happy Dance- MercyMe
    What A Friend (Live ft. Jason Crabb)- Matt Maher
    Resurrection Power- Chris Tomlin
    Fear Is A Liar- Zach Williams
    All In- Matthew West
    Who You Say I Am (Live)- Hillsong Worship
    Never Stopped Loving- Jeremy Camp
    A Million Lights- Michael W. Smith
    God of All My Days (Live)- Casting Crowns
    Do It Again (Live)- Elevation Worship
    You Say- Lauren Daigle
    How Could I Be Silent- Caitie Hurst
    Counting Every Blessing- Rend Collective
    My Feet Are On The Rock- I AM THEY
    The Way (New Horizon) (Acoustic)- Pat Barrett

    joy.- for KING and COUNTRY
    I just need U.- tobyMac
    So Will I (Live in Israel)- Hillsong United
    Walking on Water- needtobreathe
    When We Pray- Tauren Wells
    All My Hope (ft. Tauren Wells)- Crowder
    No Matter What- Ryan Stevenson
    One More Day- Aaron Cole
    If You Ain’t In It- Danny Gokey
    Good Life- the young escape
    Beautifully Broken- Plumb
    Back From The Dead- Skillet
    Bleed The Same (ft. tobyMac)- Mandisa
    Freedom Hymn- Austin French
    Right Here With You (ft. MDSN)- Hawk Nelson
    Broken Prayers- Riley Clemmons
    Fight For Me (ft. Lecrae)- GAWVI
    Love Won’t Let Me Down- Hillsong Young & Free
    Easy- Sarah Reeves
    Inside Out- Bonray

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