If you have been an avid fan of this site, you probably would have noticed that we have posted many WOW Hits predictions at strategic points during the year for a particular installment. But this was only for WOW Hits 2015 onwards (basically from when this site was active four years ago until now!). So it’s time to once again revisit another older WOW Hits and be nostalgic, and see if the track listing is really the ‘year’s best’ or not (as we have done previously for WOW Hits 2009WOW Hits 2013 and WOW Hits 2004!). So…you can view the official track list of WOW Hits 2011 on Wikipedia, and then my fantasy list below (which include some tracks the same as the official list, and some tracks different)! Enjoy reading, and coming up with your own ‘official lists’!

Disc 1:

  1. All of Creation (MercyMe)
  2. Until the Whole World Hears (Casting Crowns)
  3. Healing Hand of God (Jeremy Camp)
  4. I Am New (Jason Gray)
  5. Beauty Will Rise (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  6. You Love Me Anyway (Sidewalk Prophets)
  7. Greatness of Our God (Natalie Grant)
  8. Can Anybody Hear Me (Meredith Andrews)
  9. Before the Morning (Josh Wilson)
  10. Hold Us Together (Matt Maher)
  11. Fight Another Day (Addison Road)
  12. Save Me From Myself (Michael W. Smith)
  13. Blink (Revive)
  14. Beautiful For Me (Nichole Nordeman)
  15. Our God (Chris Tomlin)
  16. My Help Comes From the Lord (The Museum) BONUS
  17. For the Love Of You (Audrey Assad) BONUS
  18. My Own Little World (Matthew West) BONUS DELUXE
  19. What Faith Can Do (Kutless) BONUS DELUXE
  20. God of the Impossible (Sarah Reeves) BONUS DELUXE

Disc 2:

  1. Get Back Up (TobyMac)
  2. Light Up the Sky (The Afters)
  3. Beautiful, Beautiful (Francesca Battistelli)
  4. Walk on the Water (Britt Nicole)
  5. Lift Up Your Face (Third Day)
  6. Healing Begins (Tenth Avenue North)
  7. Something Holy (Stellar Kart)
  8. Starry Night (Chris August)
  9. Born Again (Newsboys)
  10. Out Of My Hands (feat. Leigh Nash and Mike Donehey) (Jars of Clay)
  11. Live It Up (Group 1 Crew)
  12. Forgiven (Sanctus Real)
  13. Something Beautiful (needtobreathe)
  14. Your Love is A Song (Switchfoot)
  15. Follow You (feat. Brandon Heath) (Leeland)
  16. No Matter What (Kerrie Roberts) BONUS
  17. Beautiful History (Plumb) BONUS DELUXE
  18. Hero (Skillet) BONUS DELUXE
  19. Yours to Take (Jimmy Needham) BONUS DELUXE

NOTE- this list above is not the official track listing, this is just a list of what could’ve and should’ve been, taking into account all the hits that were on radio in and around 2009/10.

What do you think of my version of WOW Hits 2011? How does it compare to the official track list?


    1. umm… maybe they weren’t thinking at all. just like how they weren’t thinking when they left out ‘out of my hands’ (or ‘forgive me’) from jars of clay, ‘beautiful history’ from plumb, ‘save me from myself’ from michael w. smith and ‘something holy’ from stellar kart

  1. Disc One:
    1. All Of Creation- MercyMe
    2. Until The Whole World Hears- Casting Crowns
    3. Our God- Chris Tomlin
    4. God Gave Me You- Dave Barnes
    5. Safe (ft. Bart Millard)- Phil Wickham
    6. Healing Hand of God- Jeremy Camp
    7. Beauty Will Rise- Steven Curtis Chapman
    8. What Faith Can Do- Kutless
    9. Love Has Come- Mark Schultz
    10. Beautiful, Beautiful- Francesca Battistelli
    11. Hold Us Together- Matt Maher
    12. Before The Morning- Josh Wilson
    13. You Love Me Anyway- Sidewalk Prophets
    14. Love Never Fails- Brandon Heath
    15. My Own Little World- Matthew West
    16. My Help Comes From The Lord- The Museum
    17. The Greatness of Our God- Natalie Grant
    18. Blink- Revive
    19. Great Are You Lord- Phillips, Craig, and Dean

    Disc Two:
    1. Get Back Up- tobyMac
    2. Hero- Skillet
    3. Keep Changing The World (ft. Lecrae)- MIKESCHAIR
    4. Light Up The Sky- The Afters
    5. Forgiven- Sanctus Real
    6. Born Again- Newsboys
    7. Walk on the Water- Britt Nicole
    8. Something Beautiful- needtobreathe
    9. Beautiful History- Plumb
    10. Oh, Happiness- David Crowder Band
    11. Yours To Take- Jimmy Needham
    12. Walking On The Stars- Group 1 Crew
    13. Starry Night- Chris August
    14. Follow You (ft. Brandon Heath)- Leeland
    15. Stand For You- Jonny Diaz
    16. No Matter What- Kerrie Roberts
    17. For The Love of You- Audrey Assad
    18. Something Holy- Stellar Kart
    19. Alive- Pocket Full of Rocks
    20. Safe In Your Arms- Abandon

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