Message Mondays And Throwback Tuesdays: The Most Intense Thunderstorm I Have Experienced (Casting Crowns’ “Praise You In The Storm”)!



Have you ever had one of those nights where for a period of time, everything went wrong, but you kinda know that there will be a lesson at the end of everything? Yesterday night was one of those nights. It was a night that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was one of those nights when mostly everything went wrong, but I still learned something, about myself, and about God.

It all started with me not knowing what to write for the weekly Message Mondays post. I thought I would just talk about the sermon on Sunday, like I did the week before, however boy was I in for a surprise. As my mum and I (my dad and my brother are currently away in Brisbane for a business opportunity- that’s another story) left home for our daily walk around the block (it was around 6-ish, and I was in the middle of preparing dinner), I could sort of see that the skies were grey, and I had an inclination that it could rain (Holy Spirit prompting me?), but I quickly dismissed it, as the skies weren’t threatening, and I couldn’t really fathom rain falling from the sky any time soon, or at least in the area that we were walking any time soon. So I didn’t bring an umbrella, Mum didn’t either; and we only wore thin jackets on.

However half way in our journey, the skies opened, and rain started pouring like cats and dogs! The skies turned the darkest shade of grey, from clear, in a matter of seconds (I kid you not), and Mum and I were subsequently caught in one of the biggest thunderstorms we have seen. Ever. Later that night we found out on the news that the storm was pretty big, and was predicted to be intermittent throughout the entire week!

So we decided to eat dinner outside at a nearby takeaway kebab place and wait it out until the storm finished. And when we arrive back home probably around 1 ½ hours later, with the food still half-prepared (that’s food for today’s dish!), I wondered to myself- if only we took the advice of myself- as I commented aloud previously that the skies were grey and it looked like it could rain. A bit ‘angry’, or maybe I should say disappointed with myself, as I could have been sick (which I’m not), from the rain, and that could have been prevented, God reminded me later on that night, through an old-ish but still popular song, that my outlook on that situation could and probably should be different, in light of what God has done for me.

See, the end result was that we were wet, but other than that, we were fine. We came home later than we thought, and we have raw food that was reserved for meals the next day. Was that so bad? God reminded me through the Casting Crowns’ worship song “Praise You in the Storm”, that no matter if we are in our trials, or the good times, that we can praise Him in all circumstances. And all of a sudden, I was humming the tune of the song. With the powerful and impacting words of the chorus ministering to me yesterday when I needed it, I soon realised that my ‘petty’ predicament and feelings about it, was nothing compared to the terror happening in the world today, with political and economic instability in many countries!

Though the music is pretty standard for a CCM song, what I believe makes “Praise You In The Storm” timeless, are it’s ever relatable lyrics, that are sure to impact anyone in a rough spot. As Mark brilliantly sings out the words ‘…You are who You are, no matter where I am…’, I am filled with peace and I am reassured that God is in control of everything in my life, inclusive of the things that don’t go according to my plan. As the author and maker of everything, there may have been a reason why Mum and I were caught in the storm. Maybe it was to learn to surrender to God, maybe it was something else. Regardless, I indirectly have Casting Crowns to thank for putting everything in perspective!

Below is an acoustic performance of the song “Praise You In The Storm”- what do you think of it? Let us know about a time in your life, when a song put your troubles and worries in perspective?

2 thoughts on “Message Mondays And Throwback Tuesdays: The Most Intense Thunderstorm I Have Experienced (Casting Crowns’ “Praise You In The Storm”)!”

  1. What a great post, I’ve had a few of those times myself. Buying our new home was the worst storm we ever had to endure, (it lasted years) yet at the end we were better and closer than we ever were before, and like you, this song spoke to me and to this day it remains my favourite Crowns song.

    1. Glad you like the post Luc!

      It’s also pretty cool, that as I’m writing this comment and listening to Pandora, that Casting Crowns’ “Praise You In The Storm” comes on the radio! It’s very ironic! God sure does have a sense of humour!

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