Futuristic Fridays (Who are You if You are Not the Only You there is in the World You Live In?)

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So many times in this Futuristic Fridays series I discussed about the future in relation to how it could be if something in this time that we take for granted was taken away from us. From a future without Spotify, Netflix, or even a future without the social relationships needed to function because of increased gaming, or the future of worship and albums with the rise in digital songs, consumerism, the dying out of CD’s and the ease of the consumer to have whatever they want with easy access; this week we tackle something different- how would our futures be if nothing was taken away, but if something was added.

Now we all know about the topic of cloning. Yes, the technology that seems so elusive and far in the future to the point where the concept can seem as a bit of science fiction. The thought of having another you in the universe has always intrigued people- even making movies like the Arnold Schwarzenegger led The Sixth Day or the BBC America Tatiana Maslany led television series Orphan Black to try and explain what could, would or even should happen if cloning was in fact a possibility. Now I know that having another ‘you’ out there in the world, whether they are a doppleganger and not a clone, or if cloning does become a reality and they are in fact your clone; can be a scary thing.

How would you interact with them? Would they still be you? Would you be you? The 1996 movie Multiplicity attempted to show the comical side of having more than one ‘you’ to make your life perfect- ultimately, what the Michael Keaton comedy suggested, was that having more than one ‘you’ to live the life you were intended to live would be a disaster. Now if clones, if they do become a reality, aren’t meant to live a part of your life or to make your life easier, what would they be for, if indeed science does make a breakthrough? Friendship? Mateship? Camaraderie?

The title of this blog is simply this- who are you if you are not the only you there is in the world you live in? The question can be a mouthful but in all honesty the answer is pretty simple- you’d still be you. Even if you did have a clone, that looked like you, talked like you, have some of the same memories and mannerisms as you (assuming someone could be cloned and the clone could look exactly like you from day one, instead of returning back to a baby again), and even had similar interests and hobbies as you, you’d still be who you were, who you are and who you’ll be in the future- a child of God who was made with a specific purpose and plan in mind, way back from before you were ever born. I know it can be hard to conceive, but this is what I know- even if cloning did become a reality and you (or some of your descendants) had a clone, they would’ve still been in the mind of God even before the process, and would still have to deal with the person of Jesus as much as the rest of us.

Cloning and the whole concept of it is going to continue to fascinate, plague, even intrigue and sometimes bring excitement and joy to a variety of people willing to take time and invest in this technology that may or may not be part of the near future. But one thing is clear- you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every time I read over the passage of Psalm 139, I’m always challenged with what is written. To put it succinctly, God knew us and had us in His heart even before we were even an idea planted in our parent’s heads. Pretty cool, right?

Take some time this week to ponder the question- if your clone was standing next to you right now, what would you do? Be scared? Run away? Would you learn from them, and them from you? The question is just as much as whether we would want cloning to happen or not, as well as how we would react to it if it suddenly comes.

What has Psalm 139 taught you recently? How can you be more proactive in being reminded that there is only one ‘you’, regardless of what people or the world may think? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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