Food Fridays: Cooking With Chris!


I know it’s Saturday afternoon in Australia where I live, and most likely Saturday elsewhere in the world, but here is the latest instalment of Food Fridays. Rather than speak about a particular recipe, I will instead delve into a ‘celebrity’ chef that takes his cooking seriously, that pushes the limits of cooking to the max, and inspires me to cook a wide variety of dishes!

So who could it be? Jamie Oliver? Gordon Ramsey? Heston Blumenthal? Julia Child? Julie Powell? Nope, nope, nope, nope and nope. They’re all good guesses though. However the chef I am talking about is Chris August, who is also a CCM/pop singer/songwriter!

If you have already guessed, I was kidding in the above statement. Do I really think Chris’s cooking is par or above the standards of the guys who cook for a living? No, not really (Chris does cook some pretty interesting stuff though), but to start of the weekend, I thought I could change things up and bit, and share some funny videos with you all. Below are 3 videos of Chris cooking (Season 2 and episodes 2 and 3 of Season 1 of Cooking With Chris– I can’t find the very first episode!), and showing off his skills, and I guess the point of me showing these videos to you, is also for you to listen to Chris’s music while you are cooking as well!

If Chris August wasn’t a musician, I would say he would be a comedian, and that is what he is showing us here- his comedy skills as well as his ability to hold his own in front of the camera. Cooking With Chris is funny, and though the dishes are not as elaborate as what I have seen on Masterchef; Chris’s videos are something to behold, and something you must watch! Guaranteed it’ll crack you up, and you will definitely learn how to cook Robchos!

You can also check out Chris August’s youtube page here, as well as lyric videos of his songs below!

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