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I’m 56 blog posts in, through my writing of the main ‘top 100 influential artists’ list, and I’ve started to wonder and ponder a few things. There’s actually been more times than I can count that I’ve caught myself wondering why I’m even writing this blog series in the first place. Sure you can read my introduction blog here, but what I will say is this- that sometimes the mundaneness of it all, the routine day-in-day-out writing of this blog series, can sometimes become disillusioning, disheartening, and maybe even downright confusing as to why I’ve carved up a year plus, to discuss artists who are influential in some shape or form…or am I just writing about the popular ones? 56 blogs in (and a few instances where I’ve had 1-2 months break), and I’ve understood this- that there is no pressure to make these blogs longer, more sophisticated, more introspective and nuanced, more ‘wordy’ and more ‘interesting’. Because more often than not, blogs are meant to be short and sweet, and I’ve turned them into something that I know I myself wouldn’t necessarily read in one sitting, if I were to read it back to myself again, upon reflection and review. Nevertheless, in light of my very own conscious decisions to shorten my blogs, I will say this- that from taking a break in June from blogging (and instead becoming more heavily investing in watching the news and keeping up to date with current affairs), I’ve become much more rejuvenated and more enthusiastic than ever, to tackle the next 44 blogs about artists I still firmly believe have crafted their own musical careers as being one of influence to people who listen. Sure, I acknowledge that my last 56 blogs, in a holistic sense, have been ‘easier’ artists to discuss, unveil and unpack, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for music that is to come- artists like John Mayer, David Bowie, PINK, Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Spice Girls, are just some of the many, many artists to come in this series- artists that have shaped music in the past, and continue to do so even now…but what about the forgotten artist; the artist that was great once upon a time, came out with such a blaze and a big album (or two), and then faded into oblivion, according to the media and through popular opinion? What happens then? Does being influential mean throughout a whole career, or just a part of it? Can an artist have a one album wonder (or in this particular artist’s case- two very big albums, and then other albums released that pale in comparison), and still be regarded as one of music’s most impactful and influential in modern music history? Maybe.