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The Lottery (Pilot)

the lottery


Premiere Date: July 20th 2014

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

The Lottery (Pilot)

Starring: Marley Shelton, Michael Graziadei, David Alpay, Anthena Karkanis, Yul Vazquez, Shelly Conn, Martin Donovan

Imagine a world without children. A world where women, for some reason or another, cannot be pregnant. A world where hospitals, schools, little league teams, and just the presence of young people; are all a thing of the past. Where the hope for any future rests on a few scientists trying to find a cure for an ailment that really didn’t have a certain cause. I’ll give you a moment to think… can’t imagine a future with children not in it, can you? Neither can I. A world like that shouldn’t happen, and the more I think about it, the thought of no children in the future could plausibly occur (especially with China’s ‘One Child Policy’).

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