Verses – Chapter 1 EP


Release Date: February 17th 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Verses– Chapter 1 EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Your Love
  2. Freedom
  3. All Things
  4. Holy
  5. Be The Light

“…Our purpose has always been to have scripture in people’s worlds. To make it accessible in their everyday. So the more tracks we have out there, the more opportunity there is for His word to go out and bring life and truth to people. The EP is the collection of songs that birthed Verses. When we started writing these tracks we did so with intention of just giving it to our youth group and then being done with it. But God has shown that there is such a need for scripture to be in people’s lives that doors keeping opening for us, which has led us to writing more songs, and God keeps making a way for us to share this with more people and so we keep saying ‘yes’…” Comprised of vocalists Jess and Joel and programmer Luke, Aussie band Verses are probably one of the world’s best kept secrets…until now I reckon! The band quietly unveiled their debut EP yesterday, yet I think it won’t be quiet for long! With a vibe, atmosphere and vocals reminiscent to Charmaine, Hillsong Y&F and Planetshakers, Verses are a band with a bright future ahead of them, as they look to make Jesus’ name known and famous! With Jess leading 3 tracks and Joel 2 on Chapter 1 EP, expect the guys to be signed in the near future… Until then, let me give you my two cents worth on these 5 uplifting melodies and God-given tracks!

Released prior to the EP drop date as 2 promotional singles, “All Things” and “Your Love” are the familiar tracks, and hearing them again solidifies my opinion that Verses are my favourite new band over the past few years, and probably will be others’ favourite new band as well. Driven by vibrant synth and captivating electronic remix type beats, “All Things” has Jess conveying with raw honesty and passion that Jesus is everything that she needs, that ‘…when the world tells me what to do, I’m gonna just turn and run to You, I know that’s where I find the Truth…’, that when everything is stripped away, nothing else matters except for Jesus Christ, as it is through Him who strengthens us that we can do all things; while EDM pop/CCM/worship 4-minute tune “Your Love” fervently relays to us, through Joel the vocalist, that nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. Cliché yet still true, “Your Love” is the track that I could possibly see being covered by Hillsong, or sung on Sunday mornings, or both. Yet it is “All Things” that I reckon you should check out first, out of the two singles. Nevertheless, Verses have provided us with 2 encouraging, inspiring and danceable worship anthems, and the rest of the 3 tracks follow suit in brilliance, both in song writing and execution!

“Freedom” is probably the most CCM-esque track on the album (though there are points in the song where there’s plenty of electronic remixy beats, as there is on an electronic album!), as Jess puts on her Blanca hat vocally, and ardently proclaims that there is freedom wherever the spirit of Jesus is; while the vertical worship focused piano led ballad “Holy” dials back the tempo a bit, as Jess majestically and powerfully relays that Jesus is holy, that He is perfect, flawless and beyond comparison. The short, but nonetheless stirring and enjoyable EP ends with the get-up-and-dance celebratory testimony like worship party anthem “Be The Light”. As Joel fervently reminds us that with Jesus in us, we can be the light ad show Jesus to everyone around us, because we can’t contain what He has done for us, and would want to share His love as an overflow of His goodness and faithfulness; “Be The Light” is the natural conclusion to an album showing us the goodness of God’s love and outliing Jesus’ outstanding and unending qualities. The question that Verses challenges us to undertake is ‘What next?’. When we know the love of Jesus for us, what do we do next, practically? Something to ponder about, right?

As far as a debut EP goes, Verses have hit all of the right notes, and I can’t wait for their follow up release, whenever that drops. Jess, Joel and Luke have all worked together in perfect harmony and synergy, and I can’t wait until the whole world catches on to what these young guys are doing. Because the world will catch on, it’s just a matter of time! So, what are you all waiting for? Check out VersesChapter 1 EP– you will be pleasantly surprised, guaranteed!

3 songs to listen to: Freedom, All Things, Be The Light

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Hillsong Young & Free, Planetshakers, Charmaine, Jonathan Thulin, Matthew Parker, Group 1 Crew, Blanca

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