Selena Gomez – Single Soon (Single)

Interscope Records

Release Date: August 25th 2023

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Selena Gomez– Single Soon (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Single Soon

Even if you’re not a fan of mainstream pop music, (like myself until around about a few years ago- and even then, I’m still not a fan, just more appreciative of different music styles!); I reckon everyone (and I mean everyone!) would know about actor, activist, songwriter, and pop superstar Selena Gomez’s highly publicised on again/off again relationship with Justin Bieber. Although it’s definitely off- given that Justin has been married to Hailey Baldwin since 2019! Anyway, you may have some thoughts about it- you may have shipped Selena and Justin together in the past. Or you still may, or you may be anti both of Selena and Justin together. Or you could be like me and be indifferent to the whole ordeal. Because why be invested in the private lives of celebrities who aren’t even ‘real’ to a degree and only allow the public to see what they want them to see? Am I right? Cause it’s their lives outside of the spotlight…like is their relationship or lack of one going to help me in my own personal life? No, definitely not! But alas, we as common folk and the public like a good story and love to follow celebrities’ lives (and I mean their whole lives!) for some strange, weird reason that I can’t seem to figure out. We stalk celebrities lives on facebook, twitter (or X as it’s now called!), Instagram and other social media profiles…until we’re blocked! We’re a weird bunch, aren’t we? Nevertheless, Selena and Justin’s rocky relationship permanently ended in 2019, and even if you aren’t a fan of Selena’s music, or haven’t heard much of her music, there’s no denying the emotion and vulnerability surrounding her most recent full length album Rare which released in 2020.

Now I’m not the biggest Selena Gomez fan. I’ve heard some of her songs here and there- enough for me to say that her influence will keep on growing over the next few months and years (her growing influence is explored in our blog which can be read here!). But what I will say is this- that the world stood up and took notice with these songs “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now”. They hung onto every word being sung, every emotional note being played. No doubt this is probably one of the most vulnerable periods they public has been exposed to with regards to Selena’s private life, and for that reason alone I figured that it was time to voice my thoughts. I reviewed Rare in 2020… and now that Selena is back unveiling a new single called “Single Soon”, I’m back again giving my thoughts. With Selena talking a break from music and starring in the Hulu TV series Only Murders In the Building and the Max cooking show Selena + Chef; she has been pretty busy of late juggling everything on her plate these days. And while there was a rumour of Selena retiring from music, her latest single breathes new life into the pop genre and seems to show Selena finally being happy again.

“Single Soon” is the follow up single to Selena’s vulnerable and emotional melody “My Mind And Me”, from the Apple documentary of the same name (both of which we’ll be voicing our thoughts on extremely soon!). And while both casual and avid fans of Selena waited with abated breath as to when the pop starlet would make her official comeback to music and hopefully grace us with a new album; “Single Soon”, the fun and happy-go-lucky and somewhat hedonistic yet whimsical and playful single is the result. With the heart of the song being about celebrating life when you’re single and not worrying about the future and also about breaking up with the wrong person and having a great night out with your friends; the melody encourages us to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment of the present that we are in. With Selena not quite done with her fourth solo studio album (and 7th overall!); “Single Soon” is the perfect end-of-summer jam to whet our appetites for whatever Selena has for us next.

With Selena Gomez’s prowess as a singer and as a songwriter only improving more and more with each new day and each new song; if you’d told me 5 years ago that I’d actively listen to a Selena Gomez album (and actually enjoy it!), I’d laugh in your face. But such is how I’ve grown in terms of expanding the genre of music I listen to over the past few years- now I’m comfortable in listening to something that is not completely in my ‘genre’. If anything, the album Rare as well as the Spanish EP Revelación has taught me that I need to redefine my preferred genre of music, or at least expand it a bit. Though “Single Soon” isn’t the strongest Selena Gomez song she’s ever recorded, it still is better than most pop out there, and Selena reminds us that she is not done yet. She isn’t letting her previous relationship with Justin define her (because new publications always bring it up even though it’s ancient history!); and with Rare and Revelación each having a special place in my hearts, let us applaud and champion Selena, for being brave and showing us the journey that she’s been on and is still on- and let us hope and pray that whatever comes next inspires and challenges us just like the past few projects have! How about a Christmas album or a live CD/DVD or an acoustic album?

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Britt Nicole, Cimorelli, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson

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