SEAL – Seal (Deluxe Edition)

Warner Records Inc.

Release Date: November 4th 2022

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

SEALSeal (Deluxe Edition) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

  1. The Beginning
  2. Deep Water
  3. Crazy
  4. Killer
  5. Whirlpool
  6. Future Love Paradise
  7. Wild
  8. Show Me
  9. Violet

Disc 2:

  1. Crazy (Acoustic/Instrumental)
  2. Crazy (Premix Version)
  3. Killer (Premix Version)
  4. Violet (Premix Version)
  5. Wild (Premix Version)
  6. Deep Water (Premix Version)
  7. Whirlpool (Premix Version)
  8. Future Love Paradise (Reprise)
  9. A Minor Groove
  10. Sparkle (Extended Version)
  11. Deep Water (Acoustic)

Disc 3:

  1. Killer (Single Edit)
  2. Killer (William Orbit Remix)
  3. Killer (William Orbit Dub)
  4. The Beginning (Single Remix)
  5. The Beginning (Giro E Giro Mix)
  6. The Beginning (Round the Underground Dub)
  7. The Beginning (Round the Underground Mix)
  8. The Beginning (Roundabout Mix)
  9. Crazy (Single Mix)
  10. Crazy (Acapella)
  11. Crazy (Do You Know the Way to L.A. Mix)
  12. Crazy (Chick On My Tip Mix)
  13. Krazy

Disc 4:

  1. Deep Water (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  2. The Beginning (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  3. Future Love (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  4. Paradise (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  5. Violet (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  6. Show Me (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  7. Hey Joe (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  8. Killer (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  9. Whirlpool (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  10. A Minor Groove (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  11. Crazy (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  12. Wild (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*
  13. Hide (Live at The Point, Dublin, December 16, 1991)*

* Previously Unreleased

‘…what did draw me to Seal’s initially was the song ‘Killer’, and the message of loneliness and how we ought not to let people be alone, for whatever reason, because loneliness is a killer, is something that has reminded me in my own life, to always keep in company with people that can bring me down to earth if I ever swing the pendulum, too hard one way or the other. ‘Killer’, not ‘Kiss From a Rose’ or ‘Crazy’, was the first song that really drew me into such an artist as Seal, and for that, I’m to be grateful for one of Seal’s first singles, to remind us of the need for community and the fellowship we need in our lives, even at the void of TV and other social media, that can often act as friendship substitutes. Seal’s music challenges and inspires, lifts up and encourages, and even if for the two songs ‘Kiss From a Rose’ and ‘Crazy’ alone, ought to be listened to by people, at least once. Who knows, maybe Seal’s music will impress you more than you know. Rock and soul, pop and jazz, this is an artist whose career as a soul-cover artist, and a rock-original material artist, is something that can hopefully continue concurrently into the future. A jazz all-original album from Seal, and a rock covers album from Seal in the near horizon? One can only hope…’ This above quote verbatim is from a blog post I wrote about Seal around a couple of years ago, as I delved into the discography of this British artist, exploring the chasms and depths of such a singer who’s responsible for songs like ‘Kiss From a Rose’ and ‘Crazy’. Sure, Seal may not be as ‘popular’ now as he was back then, but nevertheless, Seal’s music is indeed timeless, and an artist that has something to say, that his songs can stretch time itself and relate in this society as it could, back then whence these songs were written. And sure, he may not be releasing any new material now (or even into the future), but the fact of the matter remains- Seal’s music has been challenging and compelling listeners for years. And so here we are in 2023, seeing something ‘new-of-sorts’ be unveiled by Seal– this time it’s one from the archives. Seal (Deluxe Edition) released late last year (November 2022), which his this- a remastered album of his original 1991 classic, a second disc comprising of premixes and acoustic reimaginings of his debut, a third disc comprising of remixes of said tracks, alongside disc four, showcasing a 12-track live concert recording from 16th December 1991.

So…what do I make of this album? Is it really necessary? Well, yes it is necessary…but only to the Seal diehard fan (of which sadly, I am not), and even then, 4 discs highlighting one album can be a bit much. The only other 4 disc reimagining of a timeless album, is Robbie Williams’s Life Thru a Lens and it’s 4-disc reimagining to coincide with the album’s 25th anniversary. That album, even the 4 album counterpart, was iconic. But Seal’s 4 disc rendition of 1991’s Seal…maybe it’s just that Life Thru a Lens is more iconic than Seal? Maybe. Whatever the case, this 45 track album felt a little bit of a money grab more than anything else. Seal is a great songwriter and a singer, but to be honest, the artist is mostly famous for his 2 songs ‘Kiss From a Rose’ and ‘Crazy’. To have a 45-song album around the song of ‘Crazy’ (as well as the other songs on his 1991 album) seems a little overkill. Nevertheless, we are still met with an album that has a lot of gusto, passion, determination, and positive outlook, even though a lot of this particular album seemed as though it was created in the midst and presence of either mushrooms, brownies, drugs, or any other combination of the three. Nevertheless, Seal (1991) was created, and years later, Seal (Deluxe Edition) ventured out of that.

Am I actively seeking to buy this deluxe edition of the album? Maybe not. Do I see the importance of this deluxe album in general? Maybe. Does this album showcase the reasons why Seal (1991) is an iconic album? Most definitely. Will I listen to this album in the upcoming year ahead? Probably not. And so with that, I leave you with Seal (1991): Deluxe Edition. Maybe, just maybe, I can appreciate the original album much more than I currently do.

6 songs to listen to: Crazy, Killer, Krazy, Violet, Future Love Paradise, The Beginning

Score: 3/5

RIYL: George Michael, Simply Red, Lionel Richie, Sting, Lenny Kravitz

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