LoveCollide – Wildfire / Breaking My Heart / I Don’t Want It


Release Date: October 27th 2017 [Wildfire] / November 24th 2017 [Breaking My Heart] / December 1st 2017 [I Don’t Want It]

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

LoveCollideWildfire (iTunes/Amazon mp3) / Breaking My Heart (iTunes/Amazon mp3) / I Don’t Want It (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Wildfire
  2. Breaking My Heart
  3. I Don’t Want It

Probably one of the most underrated bands currently active right now within the Christian music industry is LOVECOLLIDE. Not because they are independent, but rather I don’t reckon people have heard of their music even now, a few years after their self titled debut album way back in 2014. And that’s kinda sad, because I think that this duo, consisting of sisters Brooke and Lauren DeLeary are some of the most passionate, enthusiastic and heartfelt duos I’ve come to listen in a long time (alongside others like The Sonflowerz, For KING AND COUNTRY and Love & the Outcome). Whether it be husband-wife duos, sibling duos or just duos consisting of friends, LOVECOLLIDE have stood out, not necessarily intentionally, but stood out nonetheless. Sure, they can seem on the surface like any other CCM female fronted band (sort of similar stylistically to 1GN, Britt Nicole or the now disbanded BarlowGirl), but in essence, both Brooke and Lauren have created a space which is LOVECOLLIDE where they have, in my opinion, created and crafted what is arguably some of the most underrated acoustic-pop I’ve heard in years. Yes, years! LOVECOLLIDE’s sound is a great way for nostalgia, and a well-rounded alternative if you are nevertheless still missing both BarlowGirl and/or Superchick, even after a few years of them disbanding.

Since delivering their sonically, stylistically and musically unique self-titled album in 2014, as well as dropping a surprise EP in 2016 (which was going to be 1 of 2 that were to have released that year, except A Spark into a Flame hasn’t released as of yet…), alongside releasing another surprise single ‘IBIL’ (a song where both girls are reminding us that Jesus is the reason we ought to have for shouting and declaring God’s name to everyone we meet, that God encompasses our whole lives, not just the times when it’s on a Sunday morning), we are met with again more singles over the last few months, all probably leading up to their new EP/album release next year sometimes. Songs like ‘I Don’t Want It’, ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Breaking My Heart’ have all been highlights of mine in both a musical and lyrical sense over these last few months, going to show that these sisters have indeed created something special as they gear up to their new album release, sometime in 2018. Whether it will be called A Spark into a Flame remains to be seen, and whether these 4 songs (inclusive of IBIL) are included on the forthcoming album is also a mystery. But what I will say is this- if the new album by Brooke and Lauren is anything like what I’ve been hearing these last few months, then their new project will certainly be within my top 20 (or 30) favourite albums when the end of 2018 rolls around!

‘…we are aliens in this world and live by heaven’s rules. We are all equal and united in Christ; not defined by labels. We are tired of basic – it’s time to break out of the boxes created by culture. Let’s be the weirdos God called us to be and prove to the world that we are not extinct. Ordinary people do extraordinary things because we serve an extraordinary God. Let’s stir things up and fight for revival. This is the rebelution. Will you join us? …’ This above quote was taken from their bio page on the band’s website, and if you will, this is the precursor to what I reckon the theme of their new project will be about. Just looking at the new three songs and I can see a common thread running through them. ‘Wildfire’ teaches us to burn bright for Christ in the darkest moments…especially those, all the while providing us with some power pop akin to that of BarlowGirl, and throwing us all back to nostalgia as we hear a song that musically, could’ve fit right into the 2000s with ease, while a song like ‘Breaking My Heart’ is a song that is sung from the perspective of the Lord, and how what we do or don’t do, what we say and how we just are, often breaks the heart of the Lord, because just like how a father wants the best for his children, and his heart aches every time his children stray, that is how the Lord feels every time we lose our way, when we believe what is around us instead of fixing our eyes on Him.

‘I Don’t Want It’ is the final single that has been released this year, (I think a few weeks ago), and is by far one of the most personal songs that the band has ever released. Speaking in a video on their facebook, the band delve into what they want the song to convey and be about- a declaring of the simple truth, that if we believe that God is indeed not in a situation we want to be in, then we don’t want to be there also. That if all we’re doing is just striving ourselves, then it’s undertaken just by human hands, and God isn’t in it. And if so, we might as well not be in such a situation also. God knows us and knows our needs. He wants us to thrive, yet still wants us to fulfil whatever He has called us to undertake too. ‘I Don’t Want It’ is a statement of contentment, of knowing and trusting that Christ has it all planned out, and that if a situation is leading us away from the Father, and is altering our relationship with God in any way, then we are to just realign and refocus, to hopefully allow the Lord to rearrange our own hearts as we seek His face and long for the things that are on His heart also!

Most, if not all, of these songs that have been released lately by LOVECOLLIDE; are some of the most ‘rock’ songs the band have released in their musical catalogue so far. And while it is a big departure from their acoustic pop anthems that we’ve heard in the past, this song is welcomed by myself and I’m sure whoever hears it. LOVECOLLIDE have taken a 3-year break, and this is what I’m sure what they needed for them to create music into the future that has a sense of maturity that comes from taking a break from the thing that you have loved in the first place. Brooke and Lauren continue to keep the Lord as their focus, as this collection of songs are evidence that vertical worship music can be created in a way to appeal to listeners who may not necessarily sway to music of that variety. So hearing LOVECOLLIDE fuse together worship and pop is a great alternative for people who want to listen to worshipful music without listening to worship music…if you get my drift. LOVECOLLIDE may still be relatively new on the music scene, and it is these aforementioned songs and hopefully their new project that’ll place these artists on the map. Who knows, maybe they will be signed to a major label in the future!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: 1GN, Cimorelli, BarlowGirl, Superchick, Britt Nicole

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