Lightfall – EP



Release Date: June 24th 2014

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

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Track Listing:

  1. Promise Of The Father
  2. For All
  3. Walk On Water
  4. Saviour Of My Soul

Sometimes when we hear new worship bands, we immediately try to compare them to our favourite artist like Chris Tomlin or Paul Baloche, or any other season veteran in the music industry, or we hear or try to look for the similarities and differences in music style, lyrics and vocals. I know I do. Yet every once in a while, an artist or band comes along, and wows you, so that you don’t even think of your favourite artist at all when you are listening to them. That’s the case with Lightfall, a quintet comprising of Renz (lead singer), Ryan (guitar), Nathan (guitar), Marquis (bass) and Mark (drums), who released their debut EP titled EP in June this year. With a modern rock sound and vertical worship lyrics all infused together, and with a fresh atmosphere I haven’t heard for a while, these 5 indie Canadian group of friends have given us 4 honest, moving, inspiring and vulnerable songs, as they worship God and sing out his name with an intense passion and fervour! Maybe it’s not their intention for them to sign to a label, however I am certain that this release may send them to a label, or at least to greater popularity and new musical heights than before.

Opening up with the guitar led “Promise Of The Father”, a mid tempo vertical worship melody, Renz, who reminds me vocally of Craig from Hearts of Saints and JJ Weeks, dives into the Word, and praises God for who He is, that His promises are always true and never fail. There is such beauty in such a simplistic theme, that’s easy for us to understand yet also profound as well; and this opener is so inspiring and motivational, that I can’t help but fervently sing along and agree with Renz’s assertions and claims, that we can stand on God’s promises even though we are walking a narrow road. Driven by guitars, this is just the pace for an opener, and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

“For All”, musically on the other end of the spectrum, tells the gospel story, and is a laid back radio friendly guitar led ballad, standing at an impressive length of almost 6 minutes, complete with accessible lyrics for the church, and an impressive nearly one minute electric guitar solo as the bridge. Holding nothing back, and definitely not sugar coating anything, Renz reminds us that God died once for all mankind, that ‘…and for all You came, and for all You died, once and for all, God’s greater love will prevail…’– with the message of Jesus Christ clearly outlined in this track, it is evident that the poignant and heartfelt melody will change lives; it is this song alone that gains the band praise and respect.

“Walk On The Water”, a piano led track, with electronics and remix effects added in the middle for depth, is a song reminding me about Jesus walking on the water, and is a reminder that we can step out in faith in any decision, as God is with us always; and the album then ends with a remastered version of their debut single “Saviour of My Soul”. The atmosphere plays out like a modern hymn, and here Renz sings out that God is our redeemer, and our protector, that ‘…we lift You up, we sing Your praise, with my voice high, we shout Your name, cause You are good, and You are God, saviour of my soul…’; with such conviction, authority, and eloquence. A captivating and powerful way to end an accomplished, professional and thoroughly enjoyable worship EP; Lightfall are sure to draw people into their music, and their ministry, as they win people for God, and show us how much He loves us. Well done guys, I can’t wait for your next album!

Lightfall are quite a unique band, who don’t really sound like any band or artist I have heard in the past few years. With such cohesion in these tracks, and the songs definitely being God breathed and Holy Spirit inspired; it’s only a matter of time before labels come, maybe Integrity Music? But one thing that I found weird was that there is only 4 tracks- it’s too short! Other than that, the songs are brilliant, the production is top notch, and the vocal delivery is sublime also. Here’s hoping that the next EP or their first album has more than 4 songs on it!

3 songs to listen to: Promise Of The Father, For All, Saviour Of My Soul

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Hearts Of Saints, Hillsong United, Starfield, Jeff Deyo, For A Season

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