Jaden Michaels – Gravity (Single) / Wrong (Single)


Release Date: May 6th / June 10th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Jaden Michaels– Gravity (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes) / Wrong (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Gravity
  2. Wrong

In such a time as this- especially during times of trouble and hardship like how we were experiencing the very worst of COVID-19 in 2021; how can we deal with feelings of isolation and loneliness? While were all stuck at home and wondering when everything can and will return to normal, is it a fair assumption that basically the only thing we could have done (aside from praying to God), was to try to carry on as ‘normal’ as can be? It may have seemed impossible back then to resume life as it once was… but for our own sanity, emotional well-being, and mental health; we cannot live life in a holding pattern for a long time. And thus, can I suggest music, and lots of it? Music is the universal language of the soul, and such songs can be healing and therapeutic I reckon. But whether you are drawn to music artists that you’ve already heard and have already loved, or whether you’re captivated and moved by someone new… well I’d say that’s neither here nor there. But let me say that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the various lockdowns we’ve all endured; well, that’s probably been the time when I’ve been blessed and inspired by the highest volume of music. Music from all genres, from different time periods, and from veterans and newer artists; I think I’ve dived deep into many artists whom I wouldn’t even think about listening to even two years ago. If COVID-19 has helped me in some weird way… it’s to help broaden my horizons in terms of music and to appreciate the fact that God can use any type of music that He wants, even if it initially wasn’t meant to glorify Him. And therefore, can I add another artist to the ‘inspirational’ list of artists who have moved and spoke to me greatly within the past few years? Jaden Michaels, elder sister of singer/songwriter Julia Michaels, unveiled her debut self-titled country EP last year. You can read our review about it here; and when you have, let me tell you all about Jaden’s latest singles “Gravity” and “Wrong”. And let me tell you, I reckon Jaden has a bright future ahead of her.

When you’ve been introduced to a new-ish artist, in a completely random way, who do you thank; if it turns out to be an artist that you’re immediately captivated by? Should you thank Apple Music or Spotify or YouTube for the recommendation, or do you thank God for ultimately orchestrating things so that you hear this artist at this specific time? Or do you thank the artist’s parents and family for the fact that they’re born into this world? Or is it some sort of combination of the three? For Jaden Michaels and her powerful, compelling, impacting and moving songs, inclusive of her EP, I guess I would thank God, Apple Music, and Julia Michaels. That combination is what drew me to Jaden’s music… and let me encourage you all to check out Jaden’s songs as well. Released in May this year, “Gravity” is a poppy, powerful piano and guitar led melody… and dare I say it, a vulnerable and honest prayer. Jaden compellingly and confidently admits her shortcomings and her faults, and admits that she has learnt to find perspective, help and a realisation in a higher power when she is at rock bottom. Granted, this song isn’t explicit enough in that it doesn’t mention Jesus, and Jaden may not be a Christian. But an ‘inspirational’ song like “Gravity” subtly reminds us to thank God for the creation we see around us, because even the gravity shows us that God is working in our lives and fashioning every moment in our lives to make something beautiful. “Wrong”, which just released this past week, is a heartbreaking and emotional ballad. A melody in which Jaden powerfully and emotionally sings out to her ex and hopes against hope to be wrong about him; this melody speaks about the denial stage in the breakdown of a relationship- Jaden encourages us to examine all of our relationships, to see if they are healthy or not. If they’re not healthy… well then it’s bye-bye, don’t you reckon? I’m not sure if Jaden is singing about an ex from her life, or from someone that she knows personally, or it’s just a made-up storyline. Regardless, this melody asks the tough questions, and hopefully will encourage us to reassess all of our relationships- which is a good thing from time to time.

Thank you for all the love on “Wrong.” Didn’t expect all this love I can’t wait to share more music.

I hope this one resonates, I’ve had my share of heartbreaks, wishing & praying I’d be wrong about it being bad for me, But it’s all been part of the process to find love, so I hope if you’re going through that season of finding love you don’t lose hope that you will find what’s meant for you, cause YOU will even through the bad apples.

Jaden Michaels is a breath of fresh air to the country music genre. Similar in style to artists like Maddie & Tae, Lauren Alaina, and Ingrid Andress; fans of her sister Julia may like Jaden’s latest two singles, as well as her EP, as well. Though Jaden may not be as popular nor as impacting or even respected than her sister, the fact that she is stepping out and carving her own career apart from her sister… is remarkable and astounding. We do not know what the future may hold in terms of music and concerts in the future, and if the coming months brings more COVID-19 cases. But regardless, Jaden’s future will be bright, and she is destined for great things. Though “Wrong” is about relationships, and “Gravity” is about… spirituality of some kind?… no doubt there’s still plenty of relevant topics at hand that will resonate with us all. So well done Jaden; I can’t wait to hear what’s next for you!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Maddie & Tae, Julia Michaels, Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Lauren Alaina, Ingrid Andress, Lindsay Ell

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