Glenn Campagna – You Are The Only

glenn campagna- you are the only


Release Date: March 25th 2014

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Glenn CampagnaYou are the Only (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. You are the Only
  2. Heart Like Gold
  3. Ignite
  4. Hello L-O-V-E

‘…No matter the success or failure, the highs or the lows, God is my only reason for pursuing a career in music.  He’s my only reason for breathing. ‘You Are the Only’ is birthed out of a place of realizing that God is the only thing truly worth pursuing in life.  We’re all searching for something, and I want my journey to point to something greater than myself…’ Since I have begun reviewing, either in my previous role at IndieVisionMusic or in my current position at 365 Days of Inspiring Media; I’ve always been on the lookout for new, indie, enjoyable and artists that have a wow factor. From artists like Beth Hazel Farris, Chayah Miranda, Michael Boggs, Veridia, and Hillary McBride, to Lex Anderson, Ellie Holcomb, City Harbor, The Walls Group and Jordan & Kristin Rippy; 2014 has been a great year so far for new artists.

Add to this list Glenn Campagna, yet another new artist with a heart for creating positive music that has every opportunity to make someone’s day be much better than before listening; You are the Only EP is one such EP that is almost certain to give listeners smiles on their faces when hearing to this poignant 4 song (albeit short) EP with a central theme of God being the one and only for us to depend our lives upon. As with all of these new artists I just aforementioned, Glenn is no different- while not necessarily the strongest pop/dance/CCM release in Christian music currently, Glenn’s enthusiasm is evident, with his EP certain to be enjoyed if you appreciate and respect similar artists like Press Play, Jonathan Thulin or Warr Acres.

As quoted from the start of the first paragraph, Glenn’s music is for us to realise that He and He alone is the reason for our lives, and as we live it out for Christ, we can be a witness in whatever we do or undertake. The title track brings to the fore some powerful percussion beats and some unique electronic keyboards as Glenn declares out that ‘…You are the only, one that I need…’, a cry we all need to declare ourselves as we hopefully are reminded of the love of Christ. And while this worship song may not necessarily be as welcomed in the church as songs from artists like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, or Tim Hughes; Glenn’s EP opener is a great way for us to start thinking about who in fact is our one and only’s- our God, our friends, family or something else.

“Heart of Gold” is a CCM electronic anthem dedicated to girls everyone as we hear Glenn sing words of hope and encouragement to mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives, as they (and hopefully everyone who listens) are reminded of the heart of gold that is inside each of them- the glow and spark put there by God just waiting to burst and be released in whatever circumstance they find themselves in. While at times Glenn’s vocals can be somewhat muted amidst the electronics, both “Heart of Gold” and “You are the Only” are nevertheless great songs that remind us of our identity in Christ.

The rawness and unpolished quality to not only these songs but the remaining two as well-“Ignite”, a dance/pop melody about how we ought to ignite and show the world Christ’s love in light of our understanding of what He has done for us; and “Hello L-O-V-E”, an acoustically driven song that brings forth the theme of love in all its facets and spiritual implications for both Christ and our family); remind us all of how much indie artists need all the exposure and popularity that they can. While Glenn’s music is great, it frankly will fly by under the radar, which is a shame. Despite at times it could feel like a recording session than the real thing (with various instruments overpowering the vocals at some points); Glenn’s heart is still in the right place- with us giving everyone and everything over to God, soaking in the promises from God to us about the futures of us and others too. An EP that’s albeit brief, but nevertheless welcomed to listen to if you are fan of Jimmy Needham, Press Play or Jonathan Thulin; Glenn’s music can only be better after a promising start. Well done Glenn for such a poignant and emotive EP release.

3 songs to listen to: Heart of Gold, You are the Only, Hello L-O-V-E

Score: 3.5/5

RIYL: Press Play, Jonathan Thulin, Noel McLeary, Jimmy Needham, Warr Acres

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