Everfound – Reimagine EP

everfound- reimagine

Word Records

Release Date: August 5th 2014

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

EverfoundReimagine EP (Spotify)

Track Listing:

  1. God of the Impossible
  2. Go
  3. Never Beyond Repair
  4. Hallelujah

Everfound, a quartet of Russian brothers (well, now trio, as Larry has now left to study architecture at university), took the Christian and mainstream market by storm with their emphatic, honest, powerful and musically diverse pop/rock/anthemic self-titled debut in July 2013, with many hits arising, and songs for the soul, inclusive of the two singles “Never Beyond Repair” and “God Of The Impossible”, as well as personal highlights and favourites “We Are Alive”, “Take The City”, “What Love Means” and “Count The Stars”. If there’s ever a band that has defied adversities to develop and mature into a potentially successful band now, it is Everfound. The brothers came to the U.S. as young children, hardly speaking a word of English, but have now shone beyond their wildest dreams, as the 12 living breathing testimonies and songs on the label self-titled debut on Word Records have thoroughly blessed many lives over the year that they have been available to the public. As Nikita, the lead singer has skilfully conveyed; the enormity of God’s love and how we are all accepted in spite of our shortcomings; forms the backbone of the debut album lyrically. And now here we are in 2014, with the release of the exclusive Spotify EP Reimagine. Though some tracks are remixed greatly, and are vastly different in structure to the original, on the whole this mini-album includes ingenious, creative, and catchy remixes that serves as a precursor to the Christmas EP releasing later on this year. A must buy for fans of David Thulin or Capital Kings, let me quickly assess these 4 songs in light of the changes that have been made musically.

The album opens the current single and piano led ballad “God Of The Impossible”. Musically the strongest on the album, the most inventive and utilising the most instruments in their perfect blend and combination (there’s not much drums, but the remix relies on powerful and impacting synth), this is my favourite remix of the 4- the song lyrically takes the band to another level. An anthemic melody that reminds me lyrically of the Delirious? hit “Here I Am, Send Me”; this out of the box reflective dance number takes Isaiah 6:8 and sings about our fear that we don’t have anything to bring to God for Him to accept us. But once we know that God is the God of the impossible, we don’t have to fear anymore, and whatever God asks of us we can do. With the God of the impossible living in us, life should feel warmer, more trusting and safer. With a stirring music video filmed, and the synth and electronics leading this pop/dance melody, the rest of the tracks are a joy to listen to as well.

The fervent and declaratory “Go” features an abundance of synth, high pitched Nintendo/Gameboy like vocals, and loads of programming, But underneath all of the mesmerising instruments and captivating melody, is passion, as Nikita sings about leaving the status quo, and stepping out in faith to live a more vibrant and radical life. Musically this remix has everything from electronic synth, a slowed down temp, and a high octane instrumental bridge, plus honest lyrics too. The Christian life isn’t meant to be easy, and we are met with something that could have been written in response to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20, and are given hope that making a positive change for Jesus is as easy as ‘…riding on the back of a runaway train…’. Bringing a smile to my face, I think that this remix is better than the original, and it’s the upbeat nature that instils in me the drive to proactively go out and spread the gospel.

“Never Beyond Repair”, though one of my favourite songs on the studio album, is relatively underwhelming as lyrics are omitted and the musical atmosphere is completely altered. Kudos to the band for implementing this daring remix, yet for me, this track deserves to be preserved in its original state where there is much more meaning. The sometimes upbeat and sometimes slow music detracts from the message, and I’m sad to say it but I wish they chose another song if they wanted to remix it that way. But because I know all of the lyrics back to front, I still feel safe and content when listening to this version- as I know that God is a God who loves everyone and is looking out for everyone, despite how many people may not think so. He was, is, and is to come, and that thought really boggles the mind! A personal and moving song, in which Nikita sings about how we’re never beyond the repair of God, and the grace that covers us all; “Never Beyond Repair” is a great song, just not so much this version- and I would advise first time listeners to listen to the original first up if they want to be more encouraged and inspired.

Rounding out the album is the quick paced electric guitar led rocker “Hallelujah”, a declaration to the devil that his lies will not affect us because we are made new in Christ. Something to dance to, on the dance floor or in the home, lyrically this track doesn’t sugar coat anything, and holds back nothing in terms of spiritual warfare, giving us something to ponder about. As we hear in the potent and frenetic chorus that ‘…I will fight til the day that I die, it’s engraved in my soul, I sing hallelujah…’, Nikita encourages us to be bold for Christ, and make a stand. In your face and sobering also, it seems that Everfound know where they stand, which is very commendable.

Though short in length, Everfound’s remix EP is a treat to listen to (yes, even the remix of “Never Beyond Repair” will probably grow on me!) and a reminder as to how great this band is, musically, vocally and lyrically. It’s hard to believe that these guys are in their early twenties- they’ve written more than a lifetime of personal material in their studio tracks, and these remix tracks serve as further reminders of the testimonies of God’s faithfulness for the brothers, as well as the studio album that might garner a Dove Award nomination next week! It’s a shame that they weren’t present on WOW Hits 2015, yet I think Everfound have a bright future ahead of them, and are sure to succeed in the future, in both the Christian and mainstream markets.  Well done guys for making my listening experience an enjoyable one. I look forward to hearing your Christmas EP,you’re your full length studio sophomore album, whenever it releases!

3 songs to listen to: God Of The Impossible, Go, Hallelujah

Score:  3.5/5

RIYL: David Thulin, TobyMac, Capital Kings, Royal Tailor, Shine Bright Baby

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