David Lind – Face The Light

david lind- face the light


Release Date: March 28th 2014

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

David LindFace the Light (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Wild at Heart
  2. Doesn’t Matter
  3. Under the Sun

Artists who place their albums on noisetrade and bandcamp tend to go unnoticed. Quite often overlooked when compared to many other signed artists in the CCM industry, from labels like Capitol Christian Music Group, Fair Trade Services, Inpop Records, Gotee Records, Word Label Group and Provident; there seems to be a sense of more individuality, freedom, poignancy, heartfelt moments, even songs that seem more authentic and real when you listen to artists who place their albums on these more accessible and often free (pay via donation that is determined by the one purchasing the album) platforms of music. Enter in another indie artist (alongside Chayah Miranda, Miranda Dodson, Nikki Joy and LoveCollide) that has impressed me so far during 2014- David Lind. From Pheonix, Arizona; David’s acoustic-pop music style akin or similar to the styles of artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Josh Wilson or Audio Adrenaline; and one that’ll certainly impress anyone who loves CCM/pop, or any of the artists aforementioned. As we are reminded through these three songs of God’s love and providence over us; David Lind’s enthusiasm and heartfelt melodies are certain to bring him much more attention and popularity as hopefully these songs bring forth a sense of inspiration to whomever hears them (myself included).

My favourite song on the EP, “Doesn’t Matter” is arguably one of the songs that when you hear only once, and then you’d know the song will be one of your favourites for the year- which is exactly what “Doesn’t Matter” will be- one of my favourite songs in 2014 when I write up my list at the end of the year. With David utilising acoustic guitars and a strong drum beat (in fact, throughout each of the three songs, the drums are the anchor musically), we see a song being borne from the point of view of God. Understanding that it doesn’t matter what we have done in the sight of God for Him to shower us with His mercy; it is when we realise, through the poignant lyrics of how it ‘…doesn’t matter how hard you’ve fallen, doesn’t matter what time you call…I’ll take what’s torn and broken, I’ll hold you in my arms…’ that God longs to restore us, even before we can even conceive the thought up in our own heads.

A song that’ll hopefully inspire us to come to God at any time, regardless of what is on our hearts; David gives us two more tracks in “Wild at Heart” and “Under the Sun”. Polar opposites of each other in terms of musical arrangements, “Wild at Heart” is a drums prominent African American-esque melody that utilises ‘jungle’ sounds to bring forth to us music that is ‘wild’, while “Under the Sun” is a much more reflective song that encourages us to stop, rest and see the beauty in just basking and reflecting upon the lyrical moments in the EP ender. Yet despite the musical difference, the themes of both tracks go hand in hand, with the album opener being one that reminds us to be wild at heart for God- enthusiastic, joyful, passionate and purpose-driven; while “Under the Sun” gives us confidence that ‘…in Him there’s life…’– thus causing us to hopefully act joyful, enthusiastic and everything else the first track tries to impart into us.

David’s first 3 songs are enough for me to declare myself as a fan of his music. While David is virtually unknown, his message of hope and encouragement will be sure to bring him much success as he starts his journey in the Christian music industry. Said by David himself in his kickstarter video, ‘…together we can make music that won’t just distract people, but encourage and empower them to live for things greater than themselves. I want to show people that there’s more to life than just the pursuit of pleasures and distractions, I want to show people that we have purpose through the cross; that we aren’t left forever in the darkness, but we are called to turn around, to see truth and to look it in the eyes. To face the light…’ Reading this assertion by David alone makes me excited about his music, as we see him being real, hopeful, honest and encouraging, not just in this passage above but throughout these songs as well. One of the artists to watch in 2014 and beyond, David ought to be commended for such a great and inspired EP!

3 songs to listen to: all of them

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Steven Curtis Chapman, Audio Adrenaline, Bebo Norman, Josh Wilson

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