Capital Kings – Fireblazin’ (Single)

fireblazin capital kings

Gotee Records

Release Date: August 19th 2014

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Capital KingsFireblazin’ (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Fireblazin’
  2. Fireblazin’ (Radio Mix)
  3. Fireblazin’ (Soul Glow Activatur Phenomenon Remix)
  4. Fireblazin’ (Neon Feather Remix)

Already gaining a fanbase and a reputation as one of Christian music’s freshest electronic/pop remix groups, Capital Kings, a duo formed by Join White and Cole Walowac, have worked with and remixed songs from Britt Nicole, Mandisa, Sanctus Real, David Crowder*Band, Group 1 Crew, and TobyMac. Having unveiled their highly popular and critically acclaimed self-titled 2013 label debut album; Capital Kings also released their first remix album called REMIX:D this year. Though I was apprehensive to even listen to the EP, I was overall on the whole impressed, with the efforts of the electronic experimental group, who was discovered by TobyMac, as the remixed already loved favourites, and made them more fresher and relevant, infusing musical elements from many artists and stretches the boundaries of what is ‘normal’ in the Christian music scene- they also included a brand new song called “Be A King”. This week, another new single drops, called “Fireblazin’”. This single boasts 3 more versions besides the original- the radio version, and two remixes by Neon Feather and Soul Glow Activatur; so how does this EP of sorts stack up against the rest of their discography?

First of all, “Fireblazin’” is very catchy, and I have had the tune in my head the whole afternoon, basically to the point of being ‘sick’ of it, considering that I have listened to the 4 versions straight, multiple times. Though this kind of song you could never really get totally sick of. Starting off with a strong electronic and remix presence, complete with gang vocals, electronic drums and captivating production, Jon dives in and immediately praises God in this worship anthem. It’s something different that these guys have done, and it’s pretty cool to see them singing something that could easily sung by Jesus Culture or Hillsong, minus the ‘out-there’ music. Though Cole doesn’t have a rapping part in the entire 4 minutes and 18 seconds, the song still is powerful and moving nonetheless, especially the stirring vocals from Jon (Cole obviously does backing vocals) as well as the lyrics in the chorus, which allude to revival, something we as Christians should long and pray for.

As I proclaim that ‘…we’ve got a fire blazin’ in our hearts, no we’re never gonna stop, until the whole world knows who You are, who You are, who You are…’ as ardently highlighted in the catchy chorus, there’s this sense that the song could blow up and be big, and really propel Capital Kings into the CCM/pop/dance scene. Which is pretty awesome, as Jon and Cole are super talented! The last three tracks, though the same song, are pretty good too. With the radio version taking a more acoustic guitar and more traditional synth and piano kind of approach, the last two remixes (Soul Glow Activatur and Neon Feather) are enjoyable, with one remix sped up and reminding me of an Owl City synth led remix tune (Neon Feather) and the other a high octane massively altered yet fun rendition, with an added rap as well (Soul Glow Activatur, in which he raps as well). And after all is said and done, after the 17 minutes of the same song, I can truly say that I am a fan of the new Capital Kings. My one nit pick would be that this EP should have had another new song or two for variety.

Though I wasn’t a fan of electronic music in 2013, Capital Kings have changed my mind completely and wholeheartedly with their debut album, remix album and now new single. Their self-titled debut on Gotee Records is near flawless, and the duo fit in quite nicely on Royal Tailor’s “Ready Set Go” as well. Not knowing what to expect musically, as the guys have said that they are open to recording across many genres, including country; one thing is for certain- that Capital Kings’ music will change many lives. Though I do like the debut studio album better (even REMIXD is quite good), Fireblazin’ (Single) is sure to gain more followers and fans, and is a song that showcases the talents of Capital Kings as musicians and worshippers as well. Well done guys, you deserve all the praise and applaud!

3 songs to listen to: Fireblazin’ (Radio Version), Fireblazin’ (Neon Feather Remix), Fireblazin’ (Soul Glow Activatur Remix)

Score: 3.5/5

RIYL: TobyMac, Group1 Crew, David Thulin, Newsboys, Manic Drive

2 thoughts on “Capital Kings – Fireblazin’ (Single)”

  1. It’s a funny thing that I was listening to Capital Kings yesterday evening. Like you, I wasn’t really a fan of electronic music but when I heard I Feel So Alive last year, I got so interested in them. And Royal Tailor’s Ready Set Go made me want to watch out for new music from them. I listened to Fireblazin’ on Tuesday and it kept ringing in my head. I can’t wait to hear more music from them. 🙂

    1. Yeah they’ve really surprised me lately- only a handful of songs impressed me on their debut, and now it their newer stuff has me very eager for their upcoming albums and future songs!

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