Alex Edmonds – A Beautiful Rescue EP

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Release Date: October 7th 2014

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Alex EdmondsA Beautiful Rescue EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Made For You
  2. Walls
  3. It Is Yours
  4. Anchor For My Soul
  5. Can’t Escape

One of today’s rising stars in CCM/worship music, Alex Edmonds has previously wowed us with her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You”, when she released The Pink EP a couple of years ago. Now, the independent singer/songwriter released her latest batch of songs, the indiegogo funded EP A Beautiful Rescue. While her previous music sounded more pop, this release certainly has Alex expanding her palate and repertoire into more adventurous and dynamic music styles. With a sound similar to Needtobreathe, All Sons and Daughters, Brooke Fraser and Leeland especially on this release, and a powerful voice reminding me of Britt Nicole, Joy Williams and Moriah Peters; this under-the-radar- EP shouldn’t be treated as such. This EP should be savoured, as it’s one of the currently unsung treasures of 2014 so far!

“Made For You” starts off with an acoustic guitar strum and Alex’s stirring vocals, sounding quite similar to Britt Nicole, as she ardently sings to God, asking for Him to make her whole. It’s in the chorus where we learn that ‘….I wasn’t made to love another, You’re my pursuit, I’ve found my treasure, all that I have does not compare to You, my heart was made for You…’, and that’s a cry worth repeatedly proclaiming and declaring to God, and to the world so that everyone knows that we’re in love with Jesus. A brilliant song to start a fun filled and joyous EP, there are banjos and handclaps abound, as well as some harmonica and fiddle, and there’s definitely a country, folk and bluegrass atmosphere embedded in the song, something that is interesting. A far cry musically from her previous work, I commend Alex for stepping out of her comfort zone musically yet still making Christ the centre of her songs!

“Walls” is slightly more CCM- a mid tempo guitar and keys prominent track, yet the message of being loved by God is still present, and also taken a bit further. As humans we tend to build up walls, even though we as Christians know we need to be in communion with fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. What Alex brilliant reminds us in this eye opening and challenging song, is that walls make us slaves t whatever that we are masters of in this world, rather than relying and totally depending on Jesus. As the word are fervently sung in the chorus, asking God to ‘…let your light break through, from the rubble mercy leads us out, father hear us now, let these walls come down…’, I am sure that this song will be one to heal many people, as we learn to be open and real again to our fellow believers in Christ and to God.

An acoustic guitar led ballad, “It Is Yours”, sung with David Leonard of All Sons And Daughters”, is a total gem to listen to, as Alex moves into emotional and personal territory with worship to our Almighty God.  A song which can easily be sung in church, we are met with pure, unbridled and unrestrained worship to God, as both David and Alex beautifully sing together in perfect harmony, creating a song that is truly magical and can only be described as ‘wow’- God has breathed into this song in particular and it can only be believed when you listen to and experience the song!

The final two songs are just as wonderfully sung and written as the first part of the EP. With “Anchor for My Soul” being a piano led and acoustic slower paced ballad, as Alex eloquently declares that God is our refuge, our security, and our anchor, that His arms will carry us through any and every circumstance; the last song is “Can’t Escape” and sums up Alex’s heart for Jesus quite nicely. A vulnerable song directed to God, that praises Him for creation and the good things He’s done in our lives, it’s clear that Alex is on fire for Jesus, and it’s admirable and commendable. An artist definitely to look out for in the future, Alex’s songs are rooted in scripture with a worshipful heart, and from the chorus, where Alex cries out ‘…You call me out by name, clothe my shame with your grace, and you hold me, oh you hold me…’, I am in awe of Alex’s songwriting ability. It’s simple yet effective, and Alex’s songwriting is only going to increase in leaps and bounds in the future as she is more exposed to writing in the CCM market.

Definitely coming out of left field, Alex Edmonds’ 5 song EP is one to check out, but it’s something that one should put on in the background at all. This EP demands total attention, and then you’ll see why I am excited about Alex’s musical future. With all 5 songs showing a different side musically, thematically and vocally of Alex, yet all 5 being interlinked with the overarching theme of God being sovereign, faithful and loving us; I encourage you not to wait or hesitate. Buy, or at least listen to A Beautiful Rescue EP– you’ll be glad you did afterwards.

3 songs to listen to: Walls, It Is Yours, Can’t Escape

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Britt Nicole, Moriah Peters, Lindsay McCaul, Joy Williams

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