NEEDTOBREATHE, one of today’s most successful southern rock bands, are right now growing their fanbase in the mainstream.

Comprised of brothers Bear and Bo Rineheart, and friend Seth Bolt, the band formed in 2002, and after being signed in 2005, have since grown in popularity worldwide, with the band having coverag in many TV shows, and also touring with Taylor Swift in 2011. Having released 5 studio albums, as well as winning several Dove Awards; the trio are one of our favourite bands at the site.

Personally one of my favourite albums of 2014, Rivers In The Wasteland is the band’s crowning achievement thus far in their successful discography, and is also the album that has shown the most spiritual growth. With The Reckoning and The Outsiders being slightly more seeker sensitive, this album features a song, called “Multiplied”, that overtly praises God. Honest and emotional, courageous and daring, this song of admission and surrender is sure to confront the non-believer, hopefully in a good way, when they listen to the record (and trust me, they will, as NEEDTOBREATHE have officially crossed over and now have fans that are Christians and non-Christians!).

Co-written with Ed Cash, this song took me by surprise lyrically, as it was such a welcome change from the material in the recent past (which is lyrically strong as well!), and has me marvelling at the impact of such a band in th world- hopefully this song doesn’t turn away their fans who do not yet know Jesus, and hopfully this song brings many people to Jesus. As Bear earnestly cries out “…Your love will surely come find us, like blazing wild fire, singing Your name…”, I can’t help but be proud and happy for th band, that their faith hasn’t waverd throughout their success. Despite trials and tribulations, this song is the testimony from the band of getting through the other side, and is also musically brilliant.

Despite the simplicity of the lyrics, it’s probably the most overtly Christian song since the pair “Signature Of Divine” and “Washed By The Water” from The Heat, and has God’s hand all over it. The band recently filmed a music video for this gem of a track, and you can view it below.

Here are also the videos for my other favourite songs from NEEDTOBREATHE- “Signature Of Divine” and “Washed By The Water”.

What is your favourite song from Bear, Bo and Seth? Is there another band in the mainstream that you enjoy, that is glorifying Jesus? Let us know in the comments.

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