Albums releasing this week (18th – 24th May 2014)

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Below is a list of the albums that are releasing this week, which ones are you buying? Which ones would make it to your top albums of 2014? What would you recommend to others? Let us know in the comments below.

deathbenotproudep audrey assad

Audrey Assad – Death Not Be Proud EP

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


Bellarive Lazarus

Bellarive – Lazarus (Single) (Sparrow Records)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


christafari oceans

Christafari – Oceans EP

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


shai linne lyrical theology part 2

Shai Linne – Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology (Lamp Mode Recordings)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


steve fee grace

Steve Fee – Grace (Single) (Fair Trade Services)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


forever after v rose

V. Rose – Forever After (Clear Slight Music)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


vineyard youth rooftops

Vineyard Youth – Rooftops (Vineyard UK)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

4 thoughts on “Albums releasing this week (18th – 24th May 2014)”

  1. another cover of oceans? seriously? i know the song is good and everything, but i was probably hoping for the band to cover something lesser known- like ‘your grace finds me’ or ‘this is amazing grace’ or something like that.

    i’m definitely checking out v. rose’s album ‘forever after’ and audrey assad’s ‘death be not proud’. the jury’s still out on bellarive’s new song. i think they’ve turned a corner from a worship band to a rock band… not sure how i feel about that.

  2. Does anyone have an idea when Lindsay McCaul’s Empty Handed single will be released? 🙂 I’m so enjoying the song on radio. 🙂

    1. I have no idea when Lindsay McCaul’s song ‘Empty Handed’ will be released to iTunes as a single. But I do know that she is releasing an album via Centricity Music later on during 2014 though.

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