Throwback Tuesdays: Third Day’s “I’ve Always Loved You”!


Welcome to another Throwback Tuesdays post- this week we are delving into one of Third Day’s most popular songs on their album Time, which released 15 years ago, and was the first album released from the band via Essential Records.

Third Day have had a successful and stellar career thus far (with no signs of slowing down), and have released hit after hit, with songs such as “Cry Out To Jesus”, “Revelation”, “Children Of God”, “I Need A Miracle”, “Come Together”, “King Of Glory”, “Creed”, “God Of Wonders”, “Thief”, “My Hope Is You”, “Consuming Fire” and more all resonating with fans and critics alike. With the band line up being relatively stable across the entire time fo the band since its inception, it’s pretty cool to see Mac Powell, David Carr, Mark Lee and Tai Anderson show so much passion and joy for Jesus and the band now, maybe even more so, than ever before. The band truly are a band of brothers, and their love for each other and for God shows in their songs of which many have already stood the test of time.

One such Third Day song I would like to mention was a song that I stumbled across while I was listening to my iTunes the other day. This song is the first song on the 1999 album Time, which is “I’ve Always Loved You”, one of my favourite Third Day songs. It’s not just because the song is sung from God’s perspective, and not just because the song has a simple beat and melody, and is easy to sing along with- “I’ve Always Loved You” really resonates with me because of the message that everyone probably need to hear more than once. That God always loves us; that He always did and always will. That word from God may probably be the most freeing and life giving and affirming word someone in the world has probably heard all day, and I guess we have Third Day to thank for that. You know when you can just tell a song is God breathed and Holy Spirit anointed- this is the case with this 15 year old song!

There’s not much more I can say about this song that can be put into words- the live music video is below as well as Mac sharing a bit about what makes the song special to him, so check it out and let us know in the comments which Third Day song over the years has impacted you! Or any song from any artist!

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