Throwback Tuesdays: Third Day’s “Consuming Fire”!


Seeing that Third Day have recently announced that they are releasing a new worship album Lead Us Back in 2015, and that the official lyric video of “Our Deliverer” (below) recently was unveiled; I thought that is was only fitting that today’s Throwback Tuesdays post would be of a Third Day song. And I reckon there’s no better song to delve into and analyse than Third Day’s very first single “Consuming Fire”, recorded in 1996 on their debut album!

Filmed against the vibrant and earthy backdrop of a picturesque water dock in the city or at a wharf, the band, consisting of Mac Powell, David Carr, Tai Anderson and Mark Lee (Brad Avery is also in this video however he is not part of the band anymore), are shown to be just as enthusiastic and passionate almost 20 years ago as now, and this is a good thing, as Third Day remind us that bands can stick together if they are all friends first and if they all have a common belief system or something that they all strive for- in the case of the band, it’s Jesus at the forefront!

Lyrically and thematically the song is just as powerful and impacting as many of their new material, and is about God being a consuming fire and moving inside us, guiding us to the path He wants for us. One of my favourite Third Day songs ever, there’s nothing better than listening to a Third Day song and being reminded of the immensity and endlessness of God’s love! So sit back, relax, and watch both Third Day’s oldest song and newest song!

What do you think of the song and video? Are you an avid Third Day fan? Will you buy Lead Us Back when it releases in March?

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