Throwback Tuesdays: MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine”!


Welcome to another Throwback Tuesdays post- this week we are delving into one of my favourite CCM songs ever- “I Can Only Imagine” by pop/rock band MercyMe.

With the song being 14 years old, the song is timeless, and was the track that made Bart and his friends famous and well known. While simplistic in its nature, as the video shows Bart, Mike, Nathan, Robbie and Jim play in an old abandoned house (filmed in sepia tone); there are also people in the video holding up photos of their loved ones who have passed away, including Bart (the lead singer) as well as former dc Talk member and now Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait.

Musically “I Can Only Imagine” is considered pop and light adult contemporary, at least in my opinion; and is one of the songs where I first noticed Bart’s impressive vocal range. Subject-wise, the song speaks about imagining what heaven is like, and what we would do in the presence of Jesus. So as we fix our eyes on Jesus and eternity, let us remember that though we can only imagine what we would do I heaven- one thing is for certain. That we will be singing God’s praises and worshipping Him forevermore!

What is your favourite worship song that has been released for quite some time?


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