The Story Behind The Website Name (and how it relates to Third Day!)

third day

Let me tell you difficult and time consuming it is to find a good domain name for a new website (one that isn’t already taken), which is simple and easy to remember, that encompasses a number of elements of what you want to site to be about. Put it this way, this process of me thinking about starting a website started way back in September 2013, when I started investigating the process, and also brainstorming many names (I think about 20 names…)

So how did I stumble across this current one? Well I always know I wanted to inspire and encourage people with my posts, and I also knew that I wanted to venture out and explore other forms of inspiring posts other than music reviews, and ‘media’ covered that perfectly. Though I started off with a handful of other names that I originally preferred; I believe that God ultimately has given me the right domain at the right time, for a specific purpose aligning with the vision and mission of the site that I have written online. But what does the ‘365 days’ mean?

Well, one could take it at face value and believe that there will be at least one post per day, or at least 365 posts til the end of the year. Yet while it could mean that on the surface, another meaning is that every day we’re online is a gift, and a chance for us to be the salt and light to the online media community, for 365 days a year, and many years on end. Even still, another reason links in with a bible verse, and the video of today.

While originally I was thinking about the days of the year and making the statement that this site will be intentionally showing people God’s love at all times during the year, it’s no coincidence that when I started looking up Bible verses, that Psalm 36: 5-11 stuck out to me, and in which these a good portion of the verses corresponded to Third Day’s “Your Love Oh Lord”.

Third Day have been a band for around 20 years, and early on in their career they penned the worship hit “Your Love Oh Lord”, led by the transfixing guitar. Mac Powell’s distinct and trademark southern gospel vocals captured my attention also. As the song speaks about the enormity of God’s love, I am enthralled at how wide, deep, high and long the love of God is for His children; and it’s most likely that I was subconsciously thinking of that song (or at least that concept) when I was brainstorming website names. So now you know what the story was. Though it may have seemed like a random thing, I believe this website name is significant, just as the song and video behind it.

Check out the video below of the music video of “Your Love Oh Lord”, and let us know in the comments about what your thoughts are on the immense power of God’s love.

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