An Important Announcement About New Writers And Reviewers!

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Hello everyone!

It’s time for us to expand, and gain new reviewers and blog posters! Read on if you are interested in being an active part of this wonderful team, and a part of glorifying the kingdom of God!

You may have noticed an absence of blog posts this week. This is due to no fault of our own. But circumstances beyond our control have moved us to look inward a bit, to think about expanding our staff so that none of us is burnt out in the future. So here is our invitation to you (which will last until the 11th July).

Do you want to be an active member of the team? Do you want to be a reviewer/blogger on this new website 365 Days Of Inspiring Media?

If your answer to this is yes, then email me at for more details.

What type of reviews and blog will you be working on? Well, you may have noticed that we are increasing our volume of reviews, as well as broadening our scope of reviews. As of right now, we are reviewing music albums. In the future we hope to add books, TV shows, and more movies (I have already reviewed a movie: Chef, last month!) to the reviewing pile, on a regular basis (which we will define later on). Jonathan, a reviewer, is actually in the process of reviewing Mark Hall’s book Thrive for post in late June.

Our hope is that each reviewer can pick their genre of music, type of TV show, movie and genre of book so that we all can specialise and make this site as good as it can be, however hopefully every reviewer will be open to reviewing books, movies, TV shows and albums, just in case several writers go on holiday (which could happen in the future). Though I’m sure future writers will have preferences, and that is something we will discuss later.

So I hope you all enjoy your time visiting this site, and for the people who are coming to join the team, let me say welcome! You are all invaluable members of this online community, and I hope we all can work well together in the future!

From Joshua

3 thoughts on “An Important Announcement About New Writers And Reviewers!”

  1. Hey Josh,

    I’d have loved to join but I hardly ever have time for myself sometimes. I hope you get reviewers as good as you because that’s what makes this site interesting. 🙂

    1. Hi Mercy,

      Thanks for the compliment!

      How about you give me an email, and we can discuss a bit more… I’m sure that if you want to review, then we can work something out that is beneficial to everyone… 🙂

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