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Around a year ago I released my predictive list of who I reckon would have been recognised at the 2017 Dove Awards. While many predictions were spot on, others were wayward, but like with any prediction, figuring out what are the biggest songs, albums and everything else within the year can be a big feat. And its obvious nominations will always favour some artists and bypass others. That’s just the nature of it. And so, you can see the official nominations and the winners of the 2017 Dove Awards on the official website. And right now, what is the time again? Yes, around this time last year we posted Dove Award 2017 predictions (not for every category, but for a handful), and so around this time in March 2018, we unveil a handful of Dove Award 2018 predictions. Yes, I’m sure some predictions of ours will be wide of the mark, but I’m sure others will be spot on…just not sure which will be which.


Message Mondays and Worship Wednesdays (Being Honest, Vulnerability and Worship)

Recently I’ve been listening and observing, interacting with people and coming to a conclusion. Whether this conclusion is completely baseless or actually really true is really a different post in and of itself. If you think what I am about to say is hogwash, then let me know in the comments. I hope to think that I am open to other people’s views…so, here goes. The human race doesn’t like to be honest with each other. There, I said it. Yes, even Christians can sometimes fall into the notion that to be honest is to unveil certain secrets and moments in our lives where we may or may not be judged if we unveil them to the world. Society sees honesty, sadly, as a form of weakness. To be honest, according to the world, is to unveil your true self. And then in doing so, to isolate yourself from everyone else who may think differently to you, or even behave or believe something different compared to what you champion or how you live on a daily basis. So what does that have to do with worship, and the whole idea of being honest not only during worship but in every moment of every day that we live, regardless of what people think of us?

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Dove Award 2017 Nominees (Predictions):

This is a special post. Normally when we post predictions, we have shared what we believe to be a likely list of songs to be included on WOW Hits albums, annual compilations released each year encompassing that particular year’s radio hits. And while we may never really get it all right, predictions can be very fun, especially figuring out which songs are ‘worthy’ of selection throughout the year. Now for this type of post- predictions for the Dove Awards. The Dove Awards are an annual ceremony honouring Christian music, recognising the outstanding achievements of songwriters, producers and songs within a window of time (usually a year). Established in 1969, the Dove Awards encompasses awards presented across a myriad of musical styles- from pop and rock, to worship and rap/hip hop. While my predicted list of nominees don’t show us all the full 40-something categories, I have decided to state my two cents worth on a fair few categories myself. While this list is merely a prediction, I reckon some of my category predictions (rock/contemporary album of the year… or even inspirational movie of the year) are spot on. Feel free to comment below, about which albums/songs etc you think could be nominated for certain categories in the upcoming Dove Awards, hosted in October 2016. Enjoy reading below and happy predicting!

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Worship Wednesdays – What Does Worship Look Like In The Pit Of Despair?

It is ok to worship during the good times. During the times where things are all right with the world, it is ok to declare to the Lord, “Yes, Lord, we praise Your name because we are in a place to do that”. Well we don’t really say that, but that is what we mean. And when things are difficult and tough… well, let’s just say that as much as we want to convince ourselves and others that we declare God’s faithfulness in all times, we, just like any other human being on the planet, are always prone to declare otherwise. Because the matter of the fact is- it is hard to worship God during the good times. It is hard. And difficult, and uncertain. If it was easy, if worship was easy, then we wouldn’t have to always ask God for strength and wisdom, confidence and courage, determination and perseverance during the times we need them the most. Worshipping our Father in heaven takes on a whole new different meaning when we realise that worshipping is for both the moments of our lives when life is good and the moments in which life isn’t as endearing.

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Throwback Tuesdays and Worship Wednesdays – “Above All”

What was your favourite song growing up? The track you couldn’t live without? The one that you would play and listen to 20 times in a row just because you could? The song that still has a place and has meaning in your heart now as much, or maybe even more so, than you had then? Even if you think you didn’t have a favourite song, I’m sure you did. The one you’d catch yourself singing to because you just can’t get it out of your head. The one that has had so much impact on you when you were younger that once it starts to play now, it brings back many fond memories about your youth.

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Message Mondays: How Does Worship Look Like?


On this week’s Message Mondays post, let me delve into the age old mystery that has racked our brains for all of time. How do we worship, and what constitutes worship? I know, I know, I probably should be reserving this post for a Worship Wednesday post, however I feel like there is a message behind all of the explanations of different kinds of worship, which is why I chose to write this piece today.

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The 45th GMA Dove Awards Winners Analysis

dove awards

As I mentioned earlier in an analysis post about the nominations, the GMA Dove Awards is one of my most favourite time of the year in terms of Christian music, along with the announcing of the WOW Hits list, and the K-Love Fan Awards nominations. For those of who are not sure as to what the Dove Awards are, let me give you a quick run-down.

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