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Hi everyone, how has your week been? Seeing that it’s October yet again, and around this time last year, we posted our first WOW HITS 2019 predictions, it’s time for us to predict…you guessed it, the track list for WOW Hits 2020. In fact, I’m sure you all are thinking about which songs are shoe-ins for next year’s compilation even now! Because, let’s be frank and honest here, WOW Hits has always been and will always be the most talked about Christian compilation album released in any year. So, what better time than now to make a prediction of WOW Hits 2020…sure probably half of my predictions will be correct (or maybe even less than half)…or maybe most will be spot on, considering how WOW is with dated songs on these compilations- but, who knows. So without further ado, here’s my stab at the tracklist for WOW Hits 2020. Anyway, stay tuned to more predictions next year! Happy predicting!

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Group 1 Crew has always been one of my favourite artists- though it was only when the band released their 2010 album Outta Space Love that I truly became a fan. With their music always comprising of several genres (pop, CCM, rap, hip-hop, and a combination of all of the above!), songs like “Please Don’t Let Me Go”, “Live It Up”, “Walking On The Stars”, “Need Your Love”, “Beautiful”, “Lean On Me”, “He Said” all from the trio’s third album; have reminded me of their near flawless prowess as songwriters, performers and entertainers.


WOW HITS 2019: WHAT’S YOUR PREDICTION (PART 5) (Final Predictions)

Alert, alert, alert. WOW Hits’s facebook page released the official cover of WOW Hits 2019 Deluxe Edition (as seen above), so I guess that means the official track listing is not too far away. Usually, for a album release of WOW Hits around September/October, the official track listing is around August sometime. So, not too long to go. With reference to hits and everything that has been released til now, what do I reckon should be on WOW Hits 2019? Read on to find out. Happy predicting! You can also read about our previous predictions, hereherehere and here!

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Stars Go Dim – I Look To You/Pieces/You Know Me Better

Word Label Group

Release Date: May 25th 2018 [I Look to You] / June 22nd 2018 [Pieces] / July 13th 2018 [You Know Me Better]

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Stars Go DimI Look To You (iTunes/Amazon mp3)/Pieces (iTunes/Amazon mp3)/You Know Me Better (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

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