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Around a year ago I released my predictive list of who I reckon would have been recognised at the 2017 Dove Awards. While many predictions were spot on, others were wayward, but like with any prediction, figuring out what are the biggest songs, albums and everything else within the year can be a big feat. And its obvious nominations will always favour some artists and bypass others. That’s just the nature of it. And so, you can see the official nominations and the winners of the 2017 Dove Awards on the official website. And right now, what is the time again? Yes, around this time last year we posted Dove Award 2017 predictions (not for every category, but for a handful), and so around this time in March 2018, we unveil a handful of Dove Award 2018 predictions. Yes, I’m sure some predictions of ours will be wide of the mark, but I’m sure others will be spot on…just not sure which will be which.


TOP 10 ___: Top 10 DC Talk Songs

In honour of the DC Talk Cruise in which Kevin Max, TobyMac and Michael Tait, of DC Talk fame, decided to band together for a cruise and a set of concerts reunited in front of many fans, performing some of their greatest hits throughout the years (and then afterwards some hints of more cruises and reunion tours in the near future), we as a site have decided to compile some of our favourite DC Talk songs. In fact, DC Talk is by far one of the most influential CCM bands of the 1990s, alongside Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, Delirious? and Avalon. Kevin, Toby and Michael showed us that Christian rock could be cool, and that declaring and singing songs about Jesus can be relevant and unique, in a climate where mainstream pop and songs about absolutely nothing is championed instead. And while the band went on indefinite hiatus from 2000s onwards (leading on from that, we saw TobyMac chart success in the years following, as with Tait joining the Newsboys and Kevin with his stint in Audio Adrenaline and his solo EPs and albums), DC Talk never officially called it quits. Whether the DC Talk Cruise means that the band would seriously think about forming back together permanently or not is a different story. But I guess between now and whenever they make a decision either way, we as a site have decided to share some of our favourite songs from arguably one of the most influential Christian bands, ever! Read on to find out some of my favourite songs from Kevin, Michael and Toby!

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