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If you can remember back about 6 months or so, I had the pleasure of unveiling my favourite 25 albums of January – June of 2017. And while I myself still haven’t reviewed everything that I wanted to in the year of 2017, I have since come to the conclusion, that 2017 was and is one of my favourite years in terms of music. And thus here we are in January 2018, as I am unveiling my favourite 30 albums of the back half of 2017. I have incorporated quotes/descriptions of my favourite 15 albums of July-December and the remaining 15 without quotes (because frankly, it could take too long for a reader to check out, and thus, the post could seem daunting and overwhelming to read), totaling 30 albums in the back half of the year that have stood out for me personally. And so without further ado, here below are my favourite albums of 2017 (second half). I will also do a post showing my favourite albums of 2017, period (thereby incorporating my favourite albums of the first half and second half of 2017 in one post. What are your favourite albums of 2017. Read on to check out mine!

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TOP 10 ___: 2017 Albums We Never Reviewed!

On our latest Top Tens post, we delved into 10 Christmas albums we never reviewed in 2017 (due to life setting in the way), including Christmas albums from Tenth Avenue North, Love & The Outcome and Meredith Andrews. This time, we will be listing 10 albums we didn’t review last year, which we really wanted to! A few albums may not make this list though, but that’s only because we intend to review them this upcoming January and February 2018. So…check out these 10 albums- which did you wish we reviewed?

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It’s 2018! So happy new year everyone! I hope and pray that this upcoming year is your best yet, and that God draws each of you closer and closer to Himself. So I guess it’s that time of year when we finish off our best of lists for 2017. You can view all of them here, but the next one in the instalment is our favourite music videos from July til December 2017. While you can view our favourite music videos from the first half of the year, here are 20 music videos that have resonated with us from the back end of 2017.

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Welcome to the latest installment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last time, we unveiled 10 artists and songs that in our opinion should have been included on the official WOW Hits 2018 track listing, but weren’t. This time, on this special post, and in keeping with a similar theme, I will take an educated guess and list 20 songs that should be shoe-ins for WOW Hits 2019 (key word- should… I wrote a similar post last year and only 2 out of the 20 made it on WOW Hits 2018!). Some songs that I will predict for WOW Hits 2019 are released right now, so audio slides/lyric videos/music videos/song stories will be below, but others haven’t been released yet and I am just predicting based on the artist. Will these tracks be there in a year’s time? Only time will tell.



Hang on, didn’t we do this post already? Nope, that was last year’s similar top ten’s post, titled “Top 10 CCM Songs Of The Summer 2016”. Ok, so what about this post? Nope, not that either! That was “Top 10: 30 songs to have an impact in 2017”. This top ten’s post is instead “Top 10 (30) CCM Songs of the Summer 2017”!

Though this post will be similar compared to the other two in terms of me trying to guess which songs will be big (either on the radio or in terms of impact in changing people’s lives) by the end of the ‘summer’ (Northern Hemisphere summer!)- which means the end of August; there is one slight difference. While last year, I gave my opinion on 15 songs that I reckon would be big by the end of August 2016, this year I will double that list to 30 songs. Why, you ask? Simply because this seems to be the year that there is more music released. Simple as that. Note that I said ‘seems to be the year that there is more music released’. Not ‘there is’. Cause maybe this is the year I have been paying more attention, and maybe there’s still the same amount of music…either way, if you forgot what the point of my post was last year where I wrote a similar thing, let me give you a refresher.

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Just a few months ago, I posted my favourite songs of 2017 thus far, from January – March 2017. Now here is a follow-up post, favourite songs from April – June 2017. And while this type of series hasn’t really been done before (in previous years, I’ve only posted one ‘top songs of ____’ post at the end of that particular year), I’ve said, and I will say again, that 2017 is the year of the song. Not just hit songs on albums, but just hit songs period- whether it’s on an album or just released as a single. Because frankly these days, when I look at the year up until now objectively, I have realised that more often now than years previously, artists are releasing singles as opposed to new albums. Don’t get me wrong, the number of albums this year is just as much, if not more than last year. It’s just that within these last few months, we have been blessed with tracks that aren’t necessarily attached to any album. And maybe that’s a good thing. To not have to wait until an artist as a collection of songs that they can release to listeners. Often if that is the case, artists may have to wait for management approval, or they’ll have to discuss about radio format and marketability before they release an album. In 2017, with artists releasing more songs as opposed to albums, we are ever reminded that in such an industry like the music industry, it takes a lot for an album or even a song to be released on iTunes- so we ought to be appreciative when an artist does release something, be it an album or a single.

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Top 10 ___: (Rap/Hip-Hop Artists)

Last time we took a look at top 10s, we delved into our favourite Casting Crowns songs over the years, in honour of their latest album The Very Next Thing. Now, we have decided to post something that is unique and different- 10 artists whose ministry is primarily within the hip-hop/rap genre. While we at 365 Days of Inspiring Media love our CCM/pop music, we are a bunch of people who can appreciate a rap song whenever it comes on the radio. In fact, our taste of music has changed and evolved over the years, as we find ourselves listening to more and more rap and hip hop over the years. While our focus and first love has been and always will be contemporary Christian music (pop/rock), rap continues to be appreciated and respected at the site more and more. So what are we waiting for? Here they are below, 10 rap/hip-hop artists that we reckon anyone should at least check out, even if they aren’t a fan of hip hop/rap to begin with!

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Music Videos release every day of the week and every week of the year, so it’s naturally hard to shorten a list of many into that of only 15, that reflects a year in which so much happened in the world of Christian music. Yet here I am, posting about my favourite 15 music videos of the year so far (if my December time, my favourite music videos are different, I’ll post here in the comments). Enough pre-cursor. Here’s my favourite 15 music videos that have debuted in 2015. What are yours? Sound off in the comments.

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Worship Wednesdays (What does Worship look like?)


How do you think people should worship? When you travel to your local church for a Sunday morning worship service, what do you expect to see? People singing, everyone raising their hands? Hymns sung, or would it be the latest CCM pop/worship melody to make the rounds on radio currently? How would you respond during worship- jumping up and down, being silent and reflective, kneeling, or hands raised? These are all valid questions to the individual, and some that have divided many throughout the centuries. Just walk into an Anglican church, a Pentecostal church, a Baptist Church, or any other denominational church and you’d probably see what I mean. The definition of worship, aside from it being a lifestyle rather than a genre of music, has meant different things to different people. And here in this new post, we will think of another valid question relating to worship- can you worship and be in God’s presence, as much or maybe even more, when you listen to a rap melody from an artist like TobyMac or Lecrae, rather than a traditional worship artist like Kari Jobe or Chris Tomlin?

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