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Momentous Mondays: Influential artists of the next 5-10 years – Week 12: Marc Martel

We’re an odd bunch, us humans. Searching for meaning, searching for purpose, searching for identity in a wide variety of places. We think we’re content even if subconsciously we realise that we aren’t, and we all have our own weird and wonderful habits that make us all unique to each other. But what I reckon is the most quirkiest of quirks of all in the human race- and one might want to disagree with me on this, but maybe you all won’t- and that is that we are all seemingly obsessed to find again, or at least try to recreate what is lost. Think about it for a moment. We don’t like change, we like to stay in the comfortable. And the best example of us trying to control every aspect of our lives is when death comes knocking at our door. Yes the proverbial and literal monster that comes like a thief in the night when no one is watching nor listening. One minute you’re here and the next poof you’re gone, and no one remembers you. So I guess I can understand why we as humans would like to be remembered after we’re gone, or even still try to live as long as we can without the deterioration of the human mind.

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Which band do you reckon has shaped Christian music the most? Has reminded us that songs about God, faith, hope, doubt, boldness and truth, need not to be sung and delivered in a cheesy over-spiritualised way, but rather, with power and emotion, coupled with musical genres of pop, hip hop, rock, fusing together a myriad of genres to let people know that there is more to Christian music than just hymns sung in pews each Sunday morning? Sure there have been bands like the Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, PETRA, Stryper and Family Force 5; that have all amassed fans alongside critics praising their involvement in shaping Christian music history over the years. but for me, there’s one band that stands tall above the rest, in terms of their own influence, not just in Christian music, but for music in general. Yes, if you’ve read this far, you probably know which band I’m gonna delve into. DC Talk– Toby McKeehan (now known as TobyMac), Michael Tait and Kevin Max, who make up this trio, are even now considered to be one of the most influential bands of the Christian music genre (if ever there is a boxed ‘genre’ music of a Christian nature can go in!). DC Talk, though only active for a little over a decade, have nevertheless encouraged and impacted so many, and even now, as TobyMac continues with his solo career, Kevin also with solo offerings and Michael in another popular band, the Newsboys (as lead singer!); these three humble members of arguably the greatest Christian band in modern history, are still impacting the world today, both with their solo (and Newsboys) material, alongside their DC Talk repertoire of yesteryear!



Last year around this time, we delved into 10 2017 albums we never reviewed (due to life getting in the way), including albums from Lecrae (All Things Work Together), GAWVI (Like We Belong) and Jesus Culture (Love Has A Name) to name a few. Now, the time has arrived for us to list 10 albums we never reviewed, which released last year (even though we really wanted to)! A few albums may not make this list though, but that’s only because we still intend to review them this upcoming January and February 2019. So…check out these 10 albums- which did you wish we reviewed?

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BEST OF 2017- PART 8: TOP 15 EPs (July – December)

 So here we are, in December. You know what the time is now? Yes, seriously, another post about my favourite EPs that have been within the months of July – December 2017. I can remember back in July when I compiled my favourite EPs from January – June, and now, I have 15 more EPs that have spoken into my life since then. So, I guess when I look at the year as a whole, I can safely say that 2017 is the year of the EP. I’m sure if you take a look at my favourite 30 (15 for the first half and 15 for the latter half) EPs this year, I’m sure you can tend to agree. Anyway, enough preamble. Here’s my top 15 EPs of the last half of the year, that have made a great impact on myself both spiritually as well as enjoyableness.

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Hang on, didn’t we do this post already? Nope, that was last year’s similar top ten’s post, titled “Top 10 CCM Songs Of The Summer 2016”. Ok, so what about this post? Nope, not that either! That was “Top 10: 30 songs to have an impact in 2017”. This top ten’s post is instead “Top 10 (30) CCM Songs of the Summer 2017”!

Though this post will be similar compared to the other two in terms of me trying to guess which songs will be big (either on the radio or in terms of impact in changing people’s lives) by the end of the ‘summer’ (Northern Hemisphere summer!)- which means the end of August; there is one slight difference. While last year, I gave my opinion on 15 songs that I reckon would be big by the end of August 2016, this year I will double that list to 30 songs. Why, you ask? Simply because this seems to be the year that there is more music released. Simple as that. Note that I said ‘seems to be the year that there is more music released’. Not ‘there is’. Cause maybe this is the year I have been paying more attention, and maybe there’s still the same amount of music…either way, if you forgot what the point of my post was last year where I wrote a similar thing, let me give you a refresher.

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BEST OF 2015- PART 4: TOP 30 ALBUMS OF 2015

Another week (or so) gone, another best of post. Sounds about right? Yeah, I reckon so too. It is nearly towards the end of the year, and while during December, many movies are releasing just in time for Oscar period, albums tend to be winding down releases, in the Christian industry at least. So I guess it’s fair to say that my top 30 albums of 2015 probably won’t change between now and a month from now…if they do change, I’ll just amend it in the comments of this post. Now, without further ado, here’s my favourite 30 albums of 2015. May you have many happy hours listening to great music and enjoy the remainder of 2015.

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Albums Releasing The Past Three Weeks (23rd August – 12th September 2015)

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Below is a list of the albums that are releasing/have released over the past three weeks; which albums are you thinking of listening to and purchasing? Which albums are you going to recommend to others and which would you bypass? Let us know in the comments below.

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TobyMac – **THIS IS NOT A TEST** (First Impressions Review)


Welcome to our first ever ‘first impressions’ review, which is not really an official full length review per se, but rather an early collection of succinct and insightful thoughts. While we aim to hopefully post First Impression Reviews every week, we will at least write these pieces every fortnight (because we have to take into consideration things in our lives that may unexpectedly come up, right?), in anticipation of a review of a high profile album that we will be unveiling the week after. This week, our first instalment is peering using a metaphorical microscope at TobyMac’s 6th solo album **THIS IS NOT A Test** which releases August 7th. So let’s dive in and see whether this new album is worth our while taking a listen to!

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